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How To Triple Your Twitter Followers’ Activity

Getting clicks from Twitter was easy when it first launched. Because there weren’t millions of other users, people would start following you as soon as you signed up. Because the idea of tweets was novel, individuals were eager to follow links that were tweeted to them.

However, since Twitter users have become accustomed to this, attracting new followers is more difficult. Because of this, I’ve made an infographic (with some added advice down below) to show you how to increase your Twitter audience and interaction by 332%.

Specifically, what kinds of posts do the most to increase interaction on Twitter?

Do you ever find yourself wondering what, exactly, you should be tweeting? There must be some form of material, like as blog articles, quotations, or memes, that is more beneficial to your visitors and branding than others.

Look out how each content category compares below.

First, pictures are more effective than movies.

The quantity of favourites and retweets is much more intriguing. Images are more likely to be retweeted than videos are, at 128%, but videos are more likely to be favorited, at 49%.

YouTube vs. Tumblr Photos

Creating photos is more efficient and less time-consuming than making films, therefore you should prioritise them when it comes to branding.

Twitter image

To get the most out of your branding efforts, you need to get clever about incorporating humour into your company’s identity. This image, for instance, would be perfect for the KitKat business to promote on Twitter


The opposite would be true if KitKat just tweeted a picture of someone munching on one of its candy bars.

Second, text is more effective than pictures.

Who knew words would do better than pictures? The majority of tweets (93%) that we looked at only contained text. That is to say, there were no visuals of any kind included.

photograph Movie Text Tweet

Even more intriguing was the fact that 65% of those tweets with text included a link. Tweets that include links are retweeted 86% more often, therefore include one is crucial if you want to increase traffic to your site. Keep the tweet to under 100 characters to increase interaction by 17 percent.

Third, articles with lists or instructions should be prioritised.

We uncovered an intriguing nugget when investigating tweets in their textual form.

We figured that people were interested in knowing the details of other people’s lives, such how their day was or what they had for supper. Those tweets also received the fewest favourites and retweets, which is interesting to note.

Fourth, citations are more effective than queries

We observed that quotations were retweeted at a rate of 847% higher than inquiries. That proportion may seem high, but it’s really not out of the ordinary.

You may boost the amount of people who see your company logo through retweets and the use of image-based quotations.

Memes don’t get a lot of support from Twitter users.

Memes don’t seem to spread as quickly on Twitter as they do on Facebook. And they only account for a tiny fraction of tweets.


Avoiding memes may be a good idea if you’re trying to attract visitors or build your brand’s reputation. You shouldn’t waste your time and money promoting your business with memes since even if the meme is popular, the quality of the traffic it generates is low and won’t result in many sales.

Here are six suggestions for expanding your business and personal reputation:

1. Stick with influential individuals

If you don’t follow any other users, you won’t get anything out of Twitter. You may either follow everyone who exists or select only those that pique your interest.

Both methods work, but I can attest that following thousands of individuals is quite challenging since you just cannot keep up with all the tweets.

2. Make the most of your talks.

When you start following someone, a certain percentage of them will eventually start following you back. However, you need to begin tweeting if you want to get serious followers.

You could tweet about everything that comes to mind, from your day to the folks you’re hanging out with. The issue with this strategy is that it will attract followers who have no interest in what you have to say on Twitter.

3. Participate in the dialogue

You should not only start engaging discussions, but also take part in the discussions of others. Do not be reluctant to share your thoughts on a topic you know anything about.

4. Use your audience to your advantage

You should start capitalising on your Twitter following once you have established a solid fan base there.

Spread the word about your blog, business, or other endeavours by using Twitter. More people will see your tweets and go on to your site if your followers retweet them, which might boost your sales.

5. Recruit new clients

While Twitter may be used for entertainment purposes, why not also utilise it to earn some money? Using its search function, you may see if people are discussing:

If someone complains about a rival on Twitter, you may reach out to them and inform them about your business.

6. Connect with others

Doing the things I’ve mentioned above will get you started on the path to establishing meaningful connections with other people.

But one thing you’re not doing is connecting with key decision-makers in your field.

How to Begin

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