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TikTok Post Ideas To Boost Video Engagement

If you’ve ever browsed TikTok, you know how many creative video ideas companies and individuals come up with every day. If you’re struggling to come up with fresh concepts, we’ve compiled 15 TikTok ideas that are sure to increase engagement and have your viewers clicking the “like” button more often.

To help you get started making your own TikTok videos, we’ve provided examples of each concept.

Firstly, provide quick guides

TikTok has expanded the maximum video duration to 10 minutes, yet most users scan the platform to swiftly consume short clips. One of the most effective methods to use this platform to disseminate educational material is through short tutorials.

Include well-known dishes into your regular menu

An additional trend on TikTok is making and sharing attempts at viral recipes. There are a lot of people making videos about food on TikTok, so when a dish or food hack becomes popular, it appears like everyone is trying it.

Then why can’t your brand? (So long as it fits in with the larger picture of your product or marketing strategy.)

Third, test the efficacy of popular TikTok hacks

Previously, we discussed some of the most popular culinary hacks and recipes that have gone viral. We’ve moved on to discussing “life hacks.” In addition, think about the connections that might be made back to your brand.
Put the viral hack to the test with one of your own goods. Instead, have your team react to other users’ attempts at these viral hacks on TikTok in a “response video.”

Collaborate with popular users and artists on the video-sharing platform TikTok.

To reach massive fan bases, many popular TikTok users partner with brands to produce sponsored or collaboration videos. TikTok influencer marketing is one option to consider incorporating into your overall marketing approach.
If you’re lucky enough to stumble onto videos in which your business is mentioned, you can ask the creator for permission to embed the clip on your own channel. The most effective method of incorporating this into your approach, though, is to seek out and connect with influencers whose audiences overlap with your own in order to form a partnership.

Demonstrate how your product works

Using TikTok to showcase a product is another fantastic idea. Conceive of ways to make it seem exciting or tempting. TikTok is all about making short, innovative videos that people will watch and enjoy.
It’s clear from this TikTok that the players are having a great time with their product (think volleyball meets four-square). Those who see this game will want to learn more about it and maybe even buy it for themselves.

Get inventive with showcasing your wares and the ways in which your most devoted customers are putting them to use.

Watch lip-sync videos for ideas

Lip-syncing videos are among the most watched content on TikTok. Many individuals may take a funny sound clip and repurpose it in their own way by lip syncing to the audio and adding captions to the screen to alter the context so that it better suits their channel or voice.
The potential of this TikTok concept is infinite. Just keep browsing until you hear something that clicks with you to get that extra spark of creativity you need. Then, at the screen’s bottom, you can press the sound’s name to see additional videos that include it. You may use this to come up with even more creative ways to repurpose TikTok for your brand’s communications.

Take part in TikTok challenges, number seven

TikTok’s video genres also include the popular challenge format. Many people enjoy participating in current challenges, so it’s a good idea to look for ones that are relevant to your company.

Examine the “Pen and Cup Challenge.” When someone makes a promise, they throw a pen at a cup; if the pen lands within the cup, the promise is binding.

Eight, Stream live on TikTok

TikTok, like the vast majority of other social media sites, allows its users to broadcast live in front of an audience. Through this medium, you may establish genuine interactions with your target audience in real time. Another exciting part of going live on TikTok is that creators over the age of 18 are eligible to earn gift points that can be redeemed for cash.

Although broadcasts can last up to an hour at a time, we suggest keeping your livestreams to no more than 30 minutes. Consider how you can best showcase your brand’s unique value by incorporating livestreaming into your existing TikTok marketing campaign.

Create your own version of a viral TikTok video with a friend, or join forces with another artist
TikTok features content like duets and stitches that can only be found on the platform. Here’s how you can respond to or otherwise interact with a video made by another TikTok user.
The right-hand video depicting the infant using a cell phone quickly gained widespread attention. The Washington Post took an already popular trend—people making duets or stitching themselves next to famous artwork—and gave it their own twist. One of the most important things you can do to achieve success on TikTok is to use the app yourself, since this will provide you insight into the types of material that users enjoy the most. You can include such techniques into your own plan to increase audience participation.

Make videos that are lighthearted or humorous

The possibilities for this TikTok concept are practically endless, despite its broad nature. To succeed, you need just be humorous, lighthearted, or satirical.
Consider how you might inject some levity into the tone of your own brand, particularly on TikTok.

Create something that will help your target demographic learn something new

TikTok is a great platform for sharing short, entertaining videos, but it can also be used as a means of educating your audience. We don’t suggest focusing solely on instructional videos, but sprinkling some into your TikTok strategy is a great way to keep your viewers interested.