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How To Get Started With Social Video Marketing On A Dime

Our most recent look of online video consumption patterns revealed that daily Facebook video views average 8 billion. If we assume that each of these views is only a few seconds long, that adds up to 760 years of social media video being seen every single day.

Resources. Constant video production may quickly drain even a well-funded marketing budget. When a business first begins investing in video content production, it can be difficult to determine how best to allocate resources for optimal outcomes.

Time. In addition to monetary resources, time is equally valuable. Those that try to employ video without a dedicated video strategist on staff often realise that making social videos is a significant time commitment.
We recognise that every company is unique, but if you’ve dabbled with video marketing at all, you’ve definitely encountered at least one of these obstacles. While we recognise that issues like these might be barriers to entry, we don’t want anything to stop you from capitalising on this marketing trend.

That’s why we compiled this summary of the most common approaches to video creation, complete with a breakdown of their advantages, disadvantages, and baseline costs. We want to help you better understand your options by providing more information about what is currently available.

Get the services of a reputable video producing business.

If you have the funds available, you may outsource the creation of your social media videos. One advantage of hiring a video production company rather than making one yourself is that the final product is more likely to be of professional quality. How a video production business will work and how much they will charge you depends on a number of factors.

The steps involved in making a high-quality video

Every credible business has a production procedure, whether they name themselves a Video Production Company or a Video Marketing Agency.

Planning. The first step in making any kind of video is coming up with a concept. Having a meeting to discuss the idea plan beforehand helps ensure that you and the production firm have the same aims and vision for the final project. At this first meeting, you should be able to acquire an estimate of costs and determine whether or not they are manageable within your marketing budget.

Pre-Production. The idea planning is helpful since it helps the production business figure out how much money, time, and resources they will need to complete the project. If they want to convey the spirit of your brand in the script they produce, they could do well to work with your company’s copywriter. They may get in touch with you and share a storyboard with you so you can see where everything is headed.
Make a movie. Now that they’ve got some ideas and everything figured out, they can start shooting. Filming might be completed in a single day, or it could be broken up across many days to get all the necessary shots.
Post-Production. The enchantment begins right here. After the shoot, the studio will use the material to begin working on your film. This phase consumes a considerable amount of time, and several technological steps must be taken, before the edited and crafted film is ready for public consumption.

What is the going rate for a top-notch video production company?

The honest (if disheartening) answer to the question of how much does it cost to produce this kind of video is that it varies. The ultimate cost depends on a number of factors, including the duration of the shoot, the number of hours spent in post-production, the style of video (explainer vs. commercial), and the number of videos you would like or require for your campaigns.

We’re not trying to hide anything from you, but that’s a lot of zeroes. This is meant only to serve as a rough guide. The simplest method to find out how much money this choice would cost your business is to look into video production firms and ask for an estimate.

A competent video production firm has several advantages.

Your entire workload has been eliminated. It’s great to have someone to delegate work to who you know will work hard to complete it. This method is somewhat hands-off, which is useful if you need to focus on managing other aspects of your business.
Excellent quality. Quality matters a great deal in a society where a large portion of the daily digital diet consists of watching entertaining videos online. To add, quality is more than simply how things “look” on the screen. Some production firms are particularly skilled at delivering compelling stories.
One disadvantage of working with a professional video production business is the price. The high cost that normally comes with this alternative is perhaps its largest drawback.

It’s not practical for making videos over the long haul. For social media video marketing to be successful, you need to consistently produce a large quantity of high-quality content over an extended period of time. Hiring out your whole social video marketing plan to a business like this is a waste of money because the cost of a single video may quickly run up the bill by a few thousand dollars.

Since most companies’ video marketing strategies revolve around social media, it’s hard to make a case for this choice.