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Tips for 2023: How Frequently Should You Update Your Social Media?

For better results on social media, you need to focus on consistency and content quality. One of the ABCs of social media marketing is understanding how often you should publish to various networks.

Nevertheless, you may wonder, does it really matter how often you update your social media?

If you’re wondering if it matters, the answer is no. Indeed, it’s of the utmost significance!

If you don’t update your social media accounts often enough, your followers will forget you exist, and you’ll be forgotten. If you write too frequently, though, you risk coming across as annoying and promotional, and your followers may stop looking forward to seeing your updates.

For this reason, it’s crucial to investigate and identify the precise social media posting frequency. For the most common social media platforms, we have outlined the optimal posting frequency in this article.

A social media profile is not a one-way street

When it comes to social media marketing, the majority of B2B companies only concentrate on two or three primary platforms. One of the most common errors made by companies is to use the same content strategy and posting frequency across all of their social media channels. But, it is essential to view the platforms as separate elements that contribute to the PR strategy as a whole in their own unique ways and for their own unique purposes.

You may learn a lot about how these channels can help you achieve your social media marketing objectives and boost website traffic if you know what kinds of postings perform best on each network, when they work best, and how often you should publish.

Below, we break down the frequency recommendations for each major social network. Well, so let’s get going!

What Is the Ideal Frequency of Facebook Updates?

Facebook users are the most engaged on the web. The platform’s approximately 1 million daily users present a tremendous potential for businesses and individuals to reach new audiences and discover untapped markets.

This is why many companies use Facebook as their primary social media platform.

According to the majority of research, once a day is the optimal posting frequency for Facebook, with two posts a day being the maximum.

For Facebook pages with fewer than 10,000 likes, Hubspot found that posting more than once a day resulted in a 50% decrease in engagement.

Posting to Facebook at least three times a week is recommended. The most successful firms use Facebook on average once each day, according to the study’s authors.

If you only update your Facebook page once a week, you risk alienating your followers, but updating more than twice a day will get tedious very quickly.

Five to ten postings each week is the sweet spot for Facebook updates.

What Is the Ideal Instagram Posting Frequency?

 Instagram has surpassed all other social media platforms in popularity. So, Instagram has become a great platform for promoting your company, goods, and services.

Due to the visual nature of the site, it is essential that any content posted be of the highest quality and most engaging. Hence, to attract new users, highlight the designs that they have never seen before.

Instagram posts should be made at least twice day at the very least. Daily Instagram postings are sufficient, according to studies.

Just three Instagram updates per day is the maximum allowed. At the absolute least, you should aim for thrice-weekly.

Do not flood the site with postings or disappear for extended periods of time.

The timing of your postings on this site, however, is equally crucial to increasing the number of clicks and comments they receive.

You should carefully employ hashtags and investigate the platform’s inner workings. The platform’s algorithms and guidelines determine where and how your brand will appear to users.

When Should You Go Live on Instagram?

For a more personal connection with your followers, consider going live on Instagram. But you shouldn’t just go live on Instagram whenever you feel like it, without any kind of plan or purpose.

The optimal frequency might be once a week or once every two weeks, depending on the complexity and time required to prepare for a single live session. But, don’t deviate from the pattern of having one live session every month; otherwise, the connection will be broken for too long.

Instagram Reels: How Frequently Should You Post?

Instagram users can increase their chances of being seen by posting between four and seven reels per week. In fact, Instagram suggests a weekly posting frequency of 5-7 Reels.

Instagram gives more weight to video content than any other type. As a result, publishing Reels on a regular basis will boost both the exposure and interaction with your account.

How Often Should You Update Your Instagram Story?

Daily Instagram story uploads in the tens are recommended. Some users like to publish more often (about 20 per day), although this might lead to readers being overwhelmed.

People seldom commit to viewing an Instagram Story for that long, so the dashes at the top will become small bullet points.

For this reason, it is suggested that you limit yourself to no more than 10 posts each day on your Instagram Story.

The crucial point that most people overlook is that you must not:

  • Create ten simultaneous posts
  • Use existing information in new ways
  • Publish the story you just posted to Facebook or Snapchat to Instagram.
  • Rather of spending time on original content production, you should be sharing Stories throughout the day to chronicle your progress. Aim to post to Instagram Stories at all times of the day, including the morning, midday, afternoon, early evening, and late night.