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Advertise Your Business Using Instagram TV

You have finished making an Instagram-worthy product feature video.

I mean, hold on a second! Instagram videos are limited to 60 seconds in length, yet yours is over three times as long. Now what do you do?

You can fix anything using Instagram TV (IGTV).
You may share videos on Instagram TV that are anything from 15 seconds to an hour in duration.

With the ability to post longer pieces, you can provide more detail about your company and its offerings than you could before on Instagram.

To help you advertise your business and build trust in your brand, we will demonstrate how to use Instagram TV.

But, we must first review the fundamentals before proceeding to the specifics.

In other words, what is Instagram TV?

Instagram has released a new app and website dedicated solely to video content called Instagram TV (IGTV).

Videos uploaded to Instagram TV can be up to an hour in length for bigger, verified accounts, or up to ten minutes for smaller accounts. In comparison to Instagram’s native video format, that’s at least ten times longer.

To begin using IGTV, you must first create a channel that is linked to your main Instagram account.

After that, your channel will be accessible via Instagram and the IGTV app. When you upload fresh IGTV material, subscribers will be notified.

Instagram TV is the platform’s latest marketing craze for videos. When you understand how to put IGTV to work for your company, you can take full advantage of its many benefits.

Use these four methods to differentiate your business and build stronger relationships with your consumers.

A Case for Instagram TV

Features? You may be wondering what exactly those are.

The intention of Instagram TV is for it to be more than simply another place to see regular Instagram posts.

Its distinct features make it stand out from Instagram proper and provide opportunities to develop fresh, interesting posts.

Further Material:

Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular, and longer movies allow you to further humanise your business and introduce your items to your audience.

Active URLs:

Unlike regular Instagram posts, IGTV video descriptions support live links. Use this to your advantage by sending viewers straight to your website, a product page, your online store, or any other site that has anything to do with the subject matter of your movie.

Duration of a Video:

Until you delete them, videos you upload to IGTV will remain there indefinitely. The feature is what differentiates IGTV from Instagram Stories. Businesses and customers alike rely on stories, yet they vanish from existence after only a day. With evergreen content, you can gradually increase interaction by soliciting viewers to share and comment on your video.

Suggestions for Using Instagram TV (with Four Examples!)

Due to Instagram TV’s relative infancy, advertising experts are still working out the kinks. We’ve got you covered if you have no idea how to begin creating content on IGTV. Here are four case studies illustrating how you may put these Instagram TV methods to work for your company.

Offer People Access to “Behind the Scenes”

It has been shown that Instagram users are particularly interested in ‘behind the scenes’ images. Exhibit a rarely-seen facet of your business to your users.

Including staff talking about or using the product, showcasing the manufacturing process, or giving clients a virtual tour of the workplace are all examples of this.

Create a short documentary about your business!

Put Your Goods to Use—On Film!

Instagram TV’s long-form programming allows for in-depth product demonstrations and discussions. Make product lesson videos to show potential buyers exactly what they’ll be getting.

Embrace and Promote User-Created Content

User-generated content (UGC) is a great way to put your audience in charge of creating material for you.

To further entice users to submit user-generated content, you may promise them that their video will be shown on your channel and remain there indefinitely, thanks to IGTV’s permanent nature.

When you’ve posted user-created videos to your site, you may direct visitors to your site or the product page by including a live link in the video’s description.

Drive Awareness of Your Brand’s Social Responsibility Efforts

Consumers seek evidence that your business has values apart than making a profit.
Patagonia uses Instagram TV to promote environmental awareness and highlight the eco-friendly qualities of their goods.
In the beginning of the film, Patagonia presents striking visuals of landfills to illustrate the magnitude of the garbage problem. The organisation goes on to detail the ways in which the featured brand is making a difference, such as through the use of recycled materials into their offerings.

Get in Touch with Clients through Instagram TV

Your newfound knowledge of Instagram TV will allow you to showcase your products, workers, and consumers in ways that a regular 60-second video simply can’t.

We’ve included some ideas for videos that will work well on IGTV so you can start using the functionality right now. You won’t believe how quickly thousands of viewers will be turning in every week to watch your shopping videos.

Of course, you can’t just upload videos to Instagram TV and forget about them, the same as with any other social media network.

Expert Advice on Using Instagram TV

Give your audience a taste of special treatment by giving them a sneak peek at something they won’t see until its release or major upgrade.

Request that viewers join your channel so they may view future upgrades and fresh offerings.

Due to the evergreen nature of IGTV videos, you can turn your behind-the-scenes footage into a series, releasing new videos at set intervals and encouraging viewers to go back and watch the prior installments.

Also, the longer duration option allows you to provide more context and context-specific details than you would be able to in an Instagram-native video.