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Instagram Reposting Guide

You’ve found a cool Instagram post that you want to show off to your friends or include in your own profile, right? The social media software facilitates effortless content sharing. This guide will show you the ropes, whether you want to share a Story, Reel, or just a regular post.

What’s the Point of Sharing Something Twice on Instagram?

There’s a lot of cool stuff on Instagram, so it’s only natural that you may want to brag about your own exploits to your followers. Sharing material from other users has several potential benefits, including increasing your own profile’s visibility and facilitating the development of meaningful relationships inside the app.

You can help creative people gain exposure and new fans by sharing their work. When used properly, sharing may be a powerful method of giving credit where credit is due and fostering camaraderie between online users.

Instagram’s in-app features make it easy to reshare posts from other users. Sometimes, though, a workaround is the only way to get the material you want out there.

How to Share a Reel on Instagram Again

There is a workaround you may utilise to share the Reel on your profile feed. Both possibilities are laid out here.

Take a Screencast

Screen recording is a feature that comes standard on both Android and iOS. The Reel may be recorded with the built-in camera and then edited using a programme like InShot (Android | iOS) to remove distractions like the Instagram logo and the share buttons.

After you’ve given the clip some TLC, you may upload it to your very own Reel. We advocated maintaining the video’s original annotation. We recommend identifying them in the video’s description if you want it to be family-friendly.

Re-Uploading a Standard Instagram Post to Your Profile Feed

It is possible to add an attractive photograph or work of art that you have found to your own profile feed.

You may use one of the previously mentioned tools, or you can just snap a screenshot of the article, edit out the irrelevant bits, and share it again.

In the caption, be sure to mention the original poster. Sending them a Direct message asking for their permission to utilise their content is the safest way to be sure they are cool with you doing so.

External Software

There are more applications that make sharing on Instagram easier than the ones we’ve previously highlighted in this piece. Here are a handful that particularly stand out.

  • The Android app Repost for Instagram by JaredCo enables users to distribute previously published content in the form of Stories or Reels.
  • You may use the Android app Reposter to re-upload previously-saved Instagram posts, Stories, and Reels to your Profile Feed, Direct, or Stories. This software also features a download function.
  • Instagram users on iOS can now use the #Repost feature to share their own posts, Reels, and Stories in their Profile Feed, Direct, and Stories.