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How To Leverage Instagram Reels For Ecommerce Store?

One of the sorts of material that is expanding the fastest is Instagram reels. People are growing more and more interested in concise and direct kinds of content in today’s environment. Over 45% of Instagram accounts interact with one reel at least once a week, according to Instagram for business. There are billions of users who could become customers for your online store.

We’ll go through everything you need to know in this article to set up Instagram reels for your online store.

Instagram Reels: What Are They?

Instagram reels are quick, enjoyable, and up to one minute long videos. They can be utilised to easily and amusingly engage your audience creatively. Instagram reels might be one brief video or several brief clips that are uploaded all at once and transition seamlessly. Like Instagram stories, they offer audio and effect options for you to use. They are a particularly potent form of content since, unlike stories, they don’t vanish after 24 hours and are accessible to everyone, not just your followers.

Why use Instagram reels for your online store


Reels can be found by anybody, not just your followers, as we previously indicated. They appear on your business profile, the Explore page, the reels tab, and Feeds. Your brand is being given excellent reach, so don’t waste it.


Not just widespread exposure, but also excellent participation. When compared to other types of content, reels have excellent engagement rates. Reels may keep viewers engrossed for hours. Instagram reels may be liked, shared, and even saved for later viewing.

Specific audience

This is the fun part right now! Because of Instagram’s robust algorithm, your reels are not only seen by a lot of people and can generate a lot of engagement, but also by the RIGHT demographic for your brand. Your reel will be promoted to “suggested reels” on the feed and to the “Explore” tab by Instagram’s algorithm after it analyses users’ interests, preferences, and what they search for. This is very effective in increasing your fan base and, eventually, your paying clients!

Simple to produce

Within the Instagram app, you may start making reels while using your mobile device’s camera. You don’t need any additional software, hardware, or technical expertise. This provides a great deal of mobility for shooting from various locations and with various subjects. Additionally, it makes it interesting and exciting to do, and even your customers can do it. In the following section of this essay, we will go into further detail on this.

How to grow your online store using Instagram reel?

Let’s start working now! As we just established, Instagram reels are a type of content, thus the same rules that apply to other content types also apply to reels. This means that reels can be used to produce material for engagement, branding, education, and promotion. We will examine each form of content and discuss how to use Instagram reels most effectively to attract both followers and paying clients.

Ideas for Instagram reels for eCommerce businesses include:

Using Instagram reels for branding content

Use Instagram reels to casually and conversationally share your brand’s narrative. Introduce your team members, create a brief video with the brand founder, demonstrate what a typical day at work entails, explain what goes on behind the scenes, document the creation of your items, or post reviews and recommendations from your satisfied clients.

Take your time choosing the brand tone and try to be innovative when making the videos so that you stick in people’s minds and win their hearts. Branding content reflects who you are.

Suggestions for educational content using Instagram loops

The goal of educational content, according to Shiprocket, is to inform readers about your business without directly promoting your goods.

To assist customers in finding solutions to their difficulties and to mention your items in an elegant and classy manner, create brief reels about the sector you work in. For instance, if your store offers clothing, make reels about stylish outfit ideas for the upcoming winter of 2023 or styling advice and incorporate them with your merchandise. Make reels about healthy recipes and health-related themes if you sell healthy food. Share videos of the various yoga positions if you have an online store selling yoga mats and equipment. You see what I mean!

Concepts for educational content leveraging Instagram loops

Instagram reels may be used to create educational content about your items. For instance, instructions on how to use a product, pairings of items, usage advice, and several applications of a single product. The beautiful thing about instructive material is that it draws interest from new prospects who can see your items in action, in addition to your existing clients. Don’t forget to include “product tags” when making the reel so that viewers will readily recognise the precise name of the item.

Instagram reels-based engagement content suggestions

Use reels to interact with your audience by responding to their frequently asked questions, soliciting feedback about new products they would like to see you offer, requesting reviews of your goods and their online shopping experience, or just have a conversation with your community about their interests or what they value most about your brand. In order to put the reels on your brand’s Instagram account later, you can also encourage your consumers to make reels of themselves using your items and share them with you.

Suggestions for promotional content using Instagram loops

Use reels to showcase your discounts, promote forthcoming sales, and debut new products. You may even pay an influencer to share a reel of your product and promote it. Try to generate promotional content in a creative and engaging way rather than using pushy sales tactics.