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Preparing Your Instagram Posts In Advance (And Why You Should)

When and how may Instagram postings be scheduled? We’ve compiled this detailed instruction manual in response to frequent inquiries from Instagram users throughout the world.

We’ll explain how to schedule Instagram posts and convince you to start doing it now.

Learning to utilise an Instagram scheduler is one of the most important promotional tactics you can employ to expand your account’s following.

The success of your Instagram account is directly proportional to the frequency with which you post to the platform. Your audience expects consistently high-quality material from you.

The Benefits of Pre-scheduling Instagram Posts:

Scheduling Instagram posts offers various advantages, including being an essential development and organisation technique.

1. Gaining Extra Time

Instagram posts that are scheduled in advance are a huge time saver. It’s a pain to have to pull up the Instagram program, add a photo, compose a caption, and then publish.

When you upload, organize, and arrange your material ahead of time, you can schedule numerous Instagram posts at once, complete with captions and hashtags, and you won’t need to be near your phone at the precise moment you’ve set for them to go live.

2. Methods for Managing Content

Managing many social media accounts at once may make content organisation a daunting process. Scheduling Instagram posts is a great way to keep track of your feed’s style, publishing schedule, and more.

This ensures that no information is published at the last minute, boosting the communications.

3. Uploading Via Computer

Instagram has numerous drawbacks, and the inability to upload photos and videos from a computer is one of them. This is an obvious hassle for businesses, photographers, influencers, and anybody else who needs to go back and forth between their mobile device and computer to upload material.

By using an Instagram scheduler, you may bypass all of these procedures and directly upload content from your PC, Dropbox, Google Photos, and other cloud services.

4. Organizing Your Instagram Posts

If you want to become more popular on Instagram, you should start preparing your feed in advance so that you can continue to provide the type of content that your followers enjoy.

When you use a scheduler, you can see how all of your pictures will look together and can avoid any potential conflicts, which is especially helpful if you’re trying to maintain a certain aesthetic or theme across your Instagram account.

5. Interacting with Instagram Fans

Back in the day, we combed through millions of Instagram posts from users in 70+ countries.

According to our research, the peak times of activity for your Instagram followers are around the morning commute, lunchtime, evening rush hour, and right before bed. These are the periods when most Instagram users are online.

However, it is not always feasible to make these certain hours for posting. If your audience is in a different time zone, this task becomes even more difficult.

You may save time by not having to manually publish to Instagram when your audience is online by using a social media scheduling platform like HopperHQ.

6. Taking Care of a Number of Accounts at Once

It’s becoming increasingly usual to maintain many Instagram profiles, whether for professional purposes (as a social media manager, for example) or for personal use (to document your various interests). Posting consistently across several accounts is a time-consuming and organised process.

Scheduling your Instagram posts in advance with the help of a piece of software removes the monotony of account maintenance and frees you up to concentrate on the exciting bits, like content creation.

7. In-depth exploration of related hashtags

If you type a hashtag into Instagram’s Tag search window, the app will suggest others that are linked to the one you entered. This is a fantastic method for discovering trending hashtags in your field.

8. Analysis of Hashtag Followers

Researching the hashtags that your target audience is already using is another certain technique to locate the finest hashtags to use. Spend some time browsing Instagram to learn more about your target audience and consumers.

If you want to schedule Instagram posts, when should you do it?

Once again, there is no universal solution to this problem.

Using Hopper HQ’s Best Time To Post analytics tool tracks your follower activity to see when most oof them are active on Instagram. You can connect your business Instagram account and check the Hopper HQ follower analytics to find the best times to post for you and your audience, then schedule your posts for those times to boost engagement!