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Instagram Marketing: What to Do and What Not to Do

Have a conundrum with Instagram brand marketing or strategy? Don’t fret; we know how to fix this. Yet, many experts in the field find it difficult to formulate a workable Instagram marketing plan. Yes, you read it correctly: even those whose job it is to do just that often do so on the fly. Because it’s such a young field, there aren’t any seasoned professionals to learn from. In reality, people who are already engaged in social media marketing are the ones who are creating the rules of the game.

It’s not well recognised, but the terms “social media manager,” “social media editor,” and “community manager” don’t all refer to the same position in every business. There are no set parameters for these positions, and job responsibilities will be defined in different ways by different companies due to the lack of a universal template. To further complicate matters, strategies that are highly effective for one business, such as making use of the trendiest hashtags or producing high-quality videos, may fail miserably for another.

Very nothing makes sense. This should not be avoided, since it is an essential part of running any successful business nowadays. Everyone who works in social media eventually runs into an impasse. The challenges you faced, whether they were to Instagram etiquette, strategy, everyday operations, or unpredictable work flow scenarios, are shared by many. Even the most skilled social marketers encounter these types of roadblocks frequently.

We’ve compiled a detailed list of Instagram marketing ideas in a straightforward dos and don’ts structure to assist you address your most pressing concerns.

Just hear me out.

Participation Levels That Are Too Low

DO NOT: Employ Automated Programs

DO: Take Care of Your Neighbors

Put the brakes on right now, cowboy. We know how discouraging it is when your account’s interaction levels are low. So don’t make hasty, potentially damaging decisions out of stress, like relying on Instagram bots to increase your profile’s exposure and initiate trades. It’s not just dishonest, but also not very attractive. This applies to everyone.

Using a band-aid won’t address the issue, and it seems counterproductive when a more permanent and beneficial remedy exists. Repeat after me: WE THE PEOPLE. Because we’ve seen this Instagram idea prove crucial to social success time and time again, we scream it from the rooftops.

Rethinking your approach to community-building, audience interactions, and Instagram hashtags might help you increase engagement. Customers don’t interact with brands they don’t like. Nothing will be returned if you don’t put forth any effort to make them feel special or like you care about them. One of the most effective methods of boosting your Instagram following is to have your audience spread the word for you (cough, Glossier, cough). What follows is a simple procedure: Get construction going. On a second step, encourage. Finally, be charitable. In the last position, management.

Reduced Number of Successful Purchases

DO NOT: Take on an Overly Pushy Sales Attitude

DO: Make use of all available opportunities for hyperlinks and modify the content and calls to action.

Instagram may not be as much of a buying tool as it is a place to find new products, but don’t count it out just yet. Having an engaged audience is a prerequisite for your account to generate sales (see point above). Finally, you must maximise the resources at your disposal.

In the event that you are using Instagram’s built-in shopping features, be sure to A/B test your calls to action. But you should also take advantage of any available chance to connect out of the app and onto product sites or any other URL you believe might be of benefit to your followers.

Containment of Development

DO NOT: Purchase Social Media Likes or Following

DO: Reflect on Your Own Experiences

A moment of feared staleness arrives at the end of every life cycle. The ever-changing, lightning-fast landscape of social media isn’t safe from this phenomenon. In fact, I guarantee that you are not alone in your industry at all if you conduct a brief review of your competitors.

But, the worst thing you can do if your growth rate has stalled is to buy followers to artificially inflate your number. It’s not a cute look, and neither is utilising robots. To begin with, your disingenuousness will be immediately apparent to anyone who regularly rides the Insta waves (i.e., everyone). Pretending to be something you’re not is just stupid.

Now that we’ve established that, if anything has altered, you need to figure out why. This might be indicative of a period of change. The algorithm may have been updated, requiring you to experiment with new strategies for interacting with it.

Vision is poor

DO NOT: begin spamming other people.

DO: Put Some Carefully-Crafted Advertising Out There

We’re aware of how socially awkward it was for brands to advertise on Instagram in the past. Nevertheless, this is no longer the case, as both businesses and influencers make more use of advertising than ever before. It’s a rising marketing trend, in fact. Unlike Facebook, which has a complete pay-to-play approach, Insta still allows companies to pay for increased visibility if they aren’t satisfied with their organic reach.

The next time you want more people to see your content, boosting is the simplest and most effective option. Yet, you can’t just put out an advertisement and expect results. Learn the best methods for approaching this field of work so that you may develop a winning content and caption plan. So, launch some experiments and see what works. There is no silver bullet, but the Instagram universe will open up to you once you figure out what works.