5 Excellent Ideas To Grow Your Business on IGTV

In this blog, we will discuss how IGTV is important to your business and how to post on IGTV. Let’s start without wasting time! 

What is IGTV?

Instagram TV is most commonly known as IGTV. It’s one of the excellent features on Instagram, which helps to share long videos. Instagram offers 60 seconds feed for the videos. Using this feature, you can upload the 10 minutes long videos. If you’re a verified user, you can upload up to 60 minutes long videos. This gives a fantastic opportunity to promote your business through video formats. 

Here are several opinions that you could add to your IGTV strategy:

1. Make a Video Series

IGTV is one of the most popular features on Instagram. It helps to publish an episodic series on a specific theme or topic. Also, it enables you to go more in-depth in content strategy and maintain consistency with your posting schedule. It’s also an excellent way to attract your audience to come back for longer.

For example, Madewell has created many IGTV video series featuring influential personalities. Their series influenced a lot of artists to make a mini-performance from their studios/home.

2. Do Tutorial Videos

What is an excellent way to promote your products through videos? 

IGTV is a better option for many marketers to publish their products via videos. Because IGTV produces longer videos up to 10 minutes. If you’re a verified user, you can upload 60 minutes long videos. By using this opportunity, you can easily promote your video and get views for your products. 

Keep increasing your product views which assist in attracting your audience. Buying Instagram TV views will help improve your profile and move forward on Instagram. Also, buying IG views enhances your popularity among the audience. 

3. Post Behind the Scenes

People always have curiosity about how to make the products. Post your behind-the-scenes IGTV videos to your audience. It helps show them how to create your products, where they submit there and how your employees work, looks like filming bloopers and more. It is a powerful way to keep transparency and make trust with your customers.

Behind the scenes are natural and create trust easily in your brand. For example, the LEGO DUPLO factory produces attractive settings through IGTV videos. 

4. Stream an Event

If you are conducting an excellent event such as a seminar or convention, IGTV is a powerful way to allow virtual attendance. Consider the running event through IGTV and capture those who couldn’t attend it physically.

For instance, the Stella McCartney Instagram account used IGTV to market highlights from its summer 2020 fashion show.

5. Publish Interviews

Doing interviews and posting them through IGTV videos help to create an excellent addition to improve your IGTV strategy. Allow influential people who are connected to your industry or company and have them give delightful insights or answer driving questions from your viewers.

For example, Elle USA frequently produces IGTV interviews with celebrities such as Camila Cabello, Billie Eilish and notable personalities such as Representative Lauren Underwood.


Using Instagram reels also helps to improve your business and reach your target audience easily. If you want to engage your audience, you can create short videos, upload them into your channel and get more video views for your reels. In fact, you’re a new one on the reels platform, you may utilize it to buy Instagram reels views to your video and get more views. 

Final Words:

In this article, we have summed up the essential things about IGTV. Now you can follow these best practices and utilize these ideas to build a winning IGTV strategy. 

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