Here Are 7 Visual Tricks To Make Your Instagram Stand Out

A few well-rounded filters should be available to brands. Observing them helps determine the overall tone and style of a stream. It also encourages uniformity. Also called “presets,” they improve a shot by giving it a distinct look. Social media managers may utilise visual planning to communicate brand stories across their channels. Instagram’s features aren’t an excuse to restrict creativity. A few great options include Snapseed, VCSO, and A Colour Story. The filters may be compared head-to-head using third-party programmes like Later and Preview.

Logo Colours

This is a really intelligent strategy. The target market may associate the brand with such hues in the future. The creators of A Colour Story promote a brand of how to successfully employ this aesthetic. The creative director needs to give specific directions on how to carry them out. The social media crew can benefit from having access to a standardised palette. Everyone may benefit from the advice in Pantone’s style manual.

Logos and Branding

Instagram posts from brands may be all over the place. They express themselves via the use of visual media such as pictures, graphics, gifs, and memes. They also post lots of Boomerangs with the staff in them. Templates should be prepared for all content types, including quotations, memes, and videos. Templates are necessary for even Instagram Stories. Visual artists will benefit from this as well. Rags2Riches is a startup that exemplifies this. Its product advertising visuals may be recognised at a glance.

Confetti Warfare

Instantly spruce up your Instagram account with some colour blocking. It’s effective in retaining viewers and encouraging repeat visits. A block is made up of nine pictures in a row that all have the same colour scheme. This method affords viewers the luxury of time as they go from one grid to the next. Brand and individual portfolios, like those of beauty YouTuber Kat Von D Beauty and graphic designer Henry Wu, benefit most from this approach. In 2016, Wu’s art was highlighted on Instagram.

Ad Banners

Banner pictures placed within a gallery provide a welcome diversion from the standard square format. Additionally, the material is enhanced. Banner pictures are like billboards in that they grab your attention right away. They improve the feed’s personalised appearance. Grid sizes from 3 by 1 to 3 by 4 are possible using programmes like Giant Square, Instagrid, and nSquares. The Canadian manufacturer Herschel has shown its expertise in this field. It is most effective when used in conjunction with major corporate events like new product launches, seasonal increase sales, and the like.

Combining Fonts

The procedure may be as refined as matching wines. Learning the fundamentals of typography is the first step. From then, research on dynamic pairing can proceed. Numerous web articles cover this subject in depth. It’s important to foster an exploratory mindset among creatives and social media teams. They must, of course, maintain the integrity of the brand in all their actions. Instagram from TED is a great example of how to make eye-catching visuals. The correct selection of fonts can make even the most basic writing look professional.

Content Created By The Users

User-generated content (UGC) is a crucial part of any successful Instagram marketing plan, and brands should treat it as such. AdWeek claims that “not only is UGC much cheaper to implement (practically free in certain instances), but it is also much more effective.” Sales, participation, and virality are all boosted by this. Research shows that users place greater faith in UGC than in established news outlets. Naturally, the brand must set the parameters for any such promotions. It must also respect the rights of those who own creative works. The most trustworthy strategy is still re-grammarization. Users must utilise a third-party programme to extract photographs and videos from Instagram before adding the re-gram or re-post tag.

In conclusion

It’s important for brands to select visual concepts that are consistent with their values. If you can’t commit to one, picking three or four is a waste of time. Feel free to try new things, but remember to play to your strengths when doing the assignment.