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5 Effective Tips To Boost Your Instagram Following

Do you want a natural increase in your Instagram following?

You should definitely have an Instagram account for your business.

For a long time, Facebook was the social media platform of choice for online marketers and small company owners. Instagram, on the other hand, may soon surpass it in terms of advertising possibilities.

Influencers and brands alike have made the site their home, and its 1 billion monthly users are proof of its success. What’s more, it has a mobile-friendly population ready to make purchases online and a higher interaction rate than Facebook (2.2%).

Businesses that want to advertise their wares should, therefore, focus on building a strong profile and following. Getting new fans or subscribers often seems impossible at first.

Here are five tried-and-true methods to increase your Instagram followers naturally…

Find your unique style

If you have an Instagram account of your own, you may have noticed a trend of posts that feel too similar after a while. If you spend enough time on Instagram, you may begin to mimic the ways that other users take and edit their photos. Inspiring yourself is great, but when your images all start to look the same, you have a problem.

Instagram users will follow you in anticipation of your next creative burst if you stand out by building a distinctive aesthetic for your brand. Simply put, stick to a topic. Consistency in presentation across channels can boost sales by 23%, and colour increases brand identification by 80%.

Highlight your patrons in your bio

Since its inception, advertising has relied heavily on social proof, or the human instinct to follow the examples of those around us. However, despite the clear efficacy of paid influencer marketing, we shouldn’t focus solely on celebrities while exploring Instagram.

Successful marketing strategies rely on user-generated content, such as Instagram posts written by regular people about a product or service they adore. Not because they need to make a profit from it, but because it allows them to reveal something about themselves. After all, a person’s interests can be inferred from the brands they favour.

Use Instagram Stories to publish time-sensitive, exclusive material

This function isn’t something that the average user encounters every day. Businesses on the platform make good use of it. 500 million Instagram users publish a Story every day, yet companies account for a third of the most-viewed Stories. Furthermore, half of all businesses on Instagram worldwide make at least one story a month. That’s a lot of rivals, but it also means you can’t afford to overlook its potential to increase your organic Instagram followers.
If you want to know if they work, look at the results. Instagram’s story analytics feature, Insights, offers information like:

You can roughly gauge how many people are seeing your Stories by looking at their reach and impressions. Taps forward and taps backward represent the total number of times a user tapped the screen to get to the next or prior post in your Story. The more times a user taps the advance button, the more likely it is that they are bored with the current Story.
Instagram users’ propensity to abandon a Story before its conclusion is measured by the percentage of “swipes away,” the app’s term for the action users take when they decide to abandon a post. Use this to help you plan out how to make the posts in your Story flow better together.
Location- and hashtag-based actions – Your Stories’ potential to increase engagement with certain locations and hashtags. To see how interested the public is in your brand, use both your physical location and a branded hashtag.

Message your Instagram friends and family

It’s important to remember that “social” is a part of “social media.” Communicating with your Instagram followers is a great method to strengthen your relationship.

According to social media customer care metrics, you should always reply quickly to inquiries and complaints. Responding quickly to a customer complaint can enhance brand loyalty by up to 25%, and 40% of customers who complain on social media expect an answer within an hour.

Maintain a regular schedule of updates

Keeping your Instagram profile in the forefront of your thoughts is essential if you intend to use it as a primary social media marketing tool. If you don’t post frequently enough, it won’t matter how well-designed your content is or how compelling the calls to action in your captions are.

If you don’t update frequently, people may lose interest in your account and may even unfollow you. If you don’t update regularly, folks will have a small probability of seeing your posts in their feeds. For this reason, regular posting on a timetable is crucial.

Main Ideas

Gaining organic traction on Instagram is time-consuming, but well worth the investment. By completing these steps, you’ll show Instagram users that your company is credible and, most importantly, approachable. That not only boosts your follower count, but also your interaction rate, which is ideally what you want from your brand’s social media presence.