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6 Instagram Marketing Strategies To Increase Brand Awareness

Instagram is a great social media channel to swiftly reach new consumers and promote brand recognition.

Due to its emphasis on visual content, this medium is ideal for drawing in your intended audience.

Instagram has more than 1 billion active users every month, making it the second most popular social networking site overall. The percentage of your audience that uses Instagram regularly is really high. You can’t expect to communicate with them until you participate in the platform yourself.

Here are six Instagram marketing strategies to consider implementing to raise your company’s profile.

Okay, so let’s begin!

Share only content that reflects your brand’s values

Maintaining a steady presence on Instagram is essential if you want to raise your brand’s profile.

Your online presence should be reflected in the material you provide. Share photos and clips that reflect your brand’s values.

Most companies make the mistake of treating their brand’s Instagram account as though it were a personal one. Your personal Instagram account is your digital canvas; feel free to share whatever you desire there. A branded account won’t tolerate such behaviour.


Your brand’s Instagram page should immediately convey to visitors what your company is all about. It’s important to use Instagram in a way that promotes awareness of your brand and its wares.

Instagram is wonderful for promoting a company’s wares because it allows you to do so in a non-pushy manner.

Companies like Nike have figured out how to exploit Instagram to great benefit. If you check out Nike’s Instagram profile, you’ll see that every post is designed to promote the company.

It’s no surprise that they have 119.7 million followers on Instagram, making them the platform’s most popular brand.
They only share photos and videos that pertain to their brand in some way. They share photos and videos showcasing creative uses for the things they sell rather than just stock photos. The more people who read your updates, the more interested they will be in what you have to say.

They are still swayed by the brand even while posting pictures of meals. The boot-shaped waffle logo still fits with the company’s image, even if they aren’t a food company.

The nearly one million likes show how popular the photo was online. All of their news is always on-brand, whether it be about food, lifestyle, style, or culture.

Develop a larger Instagram following

Increasing your Instagram following is crucial if you want to reap the platform’s full benefits. This is not a simple task. It requires effort, planning, and time. The temptation to buy followers is strong for many brands, but doing so will ultimately harm your company’s reputation.

You won’t get any interaction from these bogus users, and your brand’s exposure won’t improve. The algorithm that Instagram uses to determine who are actual users and who are bots is also rather sophisticated. Instagram has designed their API to automatically remove inauthentic followers.

Here are a few easy things you may do to attract more fans.

Improve your visibility in Instagram’s search results

A user’s final stop before deciding whether to follow you is your profile.

Make sure your profile describes your company and the items or services you offer in detail. Putting bit of yourself into your Instagram bio won’t harm. Use a user name that is simple and easy to remember.

As soon as you sign up, you should begin contributing useful information. If your profile remains stagnant, no one will bother to check back or follow you. If your profile is inactive for too long, even your present followers may decide to unfollow you.

Engage with relevant accounts and follow those who can help your brand

Instagram serves as a hub for users to connect with one another. You need to interact with other brands if you want consumers to care about yours.

To get started, follow well-known companies and thought leaders in your field. Instagram will also recommend accounts similar to yours.

Engage with their posts after you’ve started following them. Engaging with other customers will increase the visibility of your profile.

Establish a brand hashtag

Using a custom hashtag can be a powerful way to encourage interaction between your brand and Instagram users.

Hashtags with your brand’s name on them are a great way to spread awareness and build an online following.

Lots of people may interact with your brand if you run a viral hashtag campaign.

In fact, a Simply Measured study found that Instagram posts with a hashtag receive 12.6% more interaction than ones without hashtags.

Plan ahead, keep to your schedule, and avoid excessive posting

Consistent with your brand’s voice, your material should be posted frequently.

The frequency of your uploads is entirely up to you. Having a plan is more important than following it strictly.

Your Instagram followers would appreciate knowing when to look for new content if you scheduled your posts in advance. More people will interact with your content if you do this.

You have complete control over the frequency and volume of your posting, although it’s probably best to strike a balance. It’s not recommended to post a lot of stuff every day.

Collaborate with Instagram celebrities

One of the most effective strategies for boosting Instagram brand exposure is forming partnerships with influential users.

Many influential people have thousands or even millions of followers who could benefit from hearing about your product.

The trick is to collaborate with people who are a good fit for your brand. If you’re a fitness company, for instance, it makes more sense to collaborate with another fitness celebrity than with one in the tech industry.

You need to carefully investigate any potential partners in influence marketing.