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Christmas Gift Guide for Women 2014

Also known as Heather’s Wish List 2014. True, maybe I’m in the minority – I know a lot of women that would not want power tools under the Christmas tree, but I also know a lot of women that would LOVE to have some awesome tools. I kept it pretty generic, and I would love any/all of these things – well, I have a Kindle Fire, but other than that… here is the Christmas gift guide for women! *Some links are affiliate links*

Womens Gift Guide 2014 | Queen of Everything

1. Stanley Adjustable Sawhorse Twin Pack  2. Vera Wang Perfume  3. Southern Living Community Cookbook  4. Emily McDowell “You Can Do It!” Mug  5. Rockwell VersaCut Circular Saw  6. Gold Beaded Bracelet  7. Sharpies  8. Kindle Fire  9. Starbucks Gift Card (or really ANY gift card!)  10. Ryobi One+ Sheet Sander  11. Philosophy Hope in a Jar  12. Pom Pom Throw  13. Skinnytaste Cookbook

*Some links are affiliate links*

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Updating my front porch decor

*This article is sponsored by BLACK+DECKER*

November To-Do List | Queen of Everything

Since Black+Decker gave me the push I needed to finish a few projects around the house, I’ve been excited about all of them! I woke up yesterday morning and headed straight to Home Depot for supplies. I decided to check off the 2nd item on the list – paint pot on front porch and make a rolling platform. My front porch decor is seriously lacking, and I feel like it’s time to step up my game since our house looks like the “Scrooge” house on the block.

Before | Queen of Everything

I had to work quickly, because, well, it’s COLD here in Texas. We’re not used to this! I wiped off the pot and got all of the grass and dirt off of the bottom of it, and then waited for it to dry. 

One coat | Queen of Everything

2 coats of Rustoleum 2x Key Lime spray paint later, and it looks like a totally different pot! It brightened everything up, which was just what my front porch needed. (Above picture is after the first coat)

Finished pot and wheeled platform | Queen of Everything

I also made a wheeled platform for the pot, since it is so heavy and difficult to move. I used one of the leftover pieces of wood from my lamp, painted with with Rustoleum 2x Dark Gray spray paint, and added 4 wheels onto the bottom. Simple, and took about 15 minutes after the paint dried! 

Closeup of large pot and cart | Queen of Everything

My original plan was to get a huge pot of mums to set in the pot, but they were all gone – I waited too long to buy them. Instead, I picked up a rosemary tree and it looks Christmasy AND smells great. Bonus: I can use it on chicken! If I can manage to keep the rosemary alive, I’ll just keep adding seasonal flowers around it as the seasons change. For now, I’m just going to add some greenery around the rosemary pot. 

Key Lime Pot with Rosemary | Queen of Everything

So, 2 things checked off of my list! I’ll be adding them to the “Your Big Finish” page, and if you have completed any of YOUR projects, you should add yours too. There are many prizes to be had, and I would love for one of my readers to win!


*This article is sponsored by BLACK+DECKER*

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November Heather-Do List (Black+Decker)

Thanks to Black + Decker and their “Your Big Finish” giveaway for sponsoring this post! 

November To-Do List | Queen of Everything

As you can see, I have written out a to-do list consisting of half-finished projects and projects I have put off doing – all in hopes of completing it before Christmas! A couple of these are a little lofty (framing and hanging pegboard? Painting a giant clay pot… when it’s 32 degrees outside?) but dang it, I’m going to try!

Why am I doing this? Black + Decker is sponsoring a contest called “Your Big Finish” to encourage people like me (and you!) to finish up one of their projects – or in my case, FIVE. I’ll talk more about that in a bit. 

So, tonight I went on a fact-finding mission. I’m a planner. I don’t do too many spontaneous things. Of course, my first thought was Target. Duh. 

1. Hang new curtains/buy new rods: About a year ago, a friend made some drapes for me. Six beautiful, gray and white Ikat patterned, blackout lined drapes. Where are they? On hangers in a closet. Why? Because the rods I have in the living room are too lightweight to hold these heavy curtains. Also, it hasn’t been at the top of my list to get finished – until now. I was going to wait until we moved next year (yes, we’re planning to move to Austin at some point next year, depending on employment and a place to live!) but I figured – why not enjoy them now? So yeah, I got to Target, ready to buy some new rods, and realized – whoops – I forgot to measure the window. Since I didn’t want to buy the wrong thing, I settled for taking some pictures! 

Clip Rings | Queen of Everything Mirrored Ball Finial Rod | Queen of Everything

Flat curtain rods | Queen of Everything

Square Finial Rod | Queen of Everything

(I really liked the “Room Darkening” rod because it sits flat against the wall, but I fail to see how a curtain rod can darken a room. I studied that for a while and decided to just like them for their looks!)

2. Paint pot on front porch/make rolling platform: I already know what paint color I’m going to use, and I have all of the materials to make the platform. If the weather cooperates in the next week or so, I can whip that out quickly! PS: The pot is HUGE. It held a somewhat large fiddle leaf fig before.

3. Hang gallery wall (finally!): I keep going back and forth on how big I want to go and what exactly I want to include. Right now I’m leaning towards quotes and drawings rather than photographs of my friends and family, so I need to think about that for a little bit before committing to it. Again, I have all of the things I need for it – I just need to make the final decision on WHAT to put in the frames. Tonight I found a couple of cute items that I would like to add to the collection!

Pursuit of Happiness | Queen of Everything

Burlap Home Sign | Queen of Everything

I love both of these!

4. Hang pegboard in craft room/frame it in: This is the one I’m most scared of and hesitant to do. I have the pegboard, but it is a very large sheet of it and I will need to cut it down. I know that once I get it hung, I will love it and regret not doing it sooner, so I will get this one done for sure! 

5. Paint and refurbish Goodwill lamp/buy new lampshade: A few years ago (I told you I procrastinate), my sister and I were at Goodwill and we both saw this lamp. I won and got to take it home. In my defense, I have TRIED to find a shade that works with it in its current state (white) but the shape of the lamp makes it difficult to find one that looks good. The closest thing I have seen like it is the lamp that Sonya from At Home with the Barkers refurbished – but mine is larger. Looking at her post gives me hope that I, too, can find the perfect shade for my lamp! I know what I want to do with the base of the lamp and have the supplies. 

Thrift Store Lamp Makeover-Gold Spray Paint-Mod Podge | At Home with The Barkers

 (Sonya’s lamp – link)

So, there you have it. I’m going to keep you updated on my progress throughout the next few weeks, and I really am excited about getting these things checked off my list! 

Now, I said I was going to tell you more about the Black + Decker “Your Big Finish” contest! 

BLACK+DECKER has launched a movement to get all the unfinished home projects moving again. Join them for the opportunity to win $10,000 cash and products. Plus, they might put you and your finished project on a billboard right in the middle of Times Square. So while your family may never notice that you finished hanging the crown molding, millions of others will!

For this campaign, there are Weekly Prizes, at approximately $439.91 per prize, and one Grand Prize of $10,000. The Weekly Prizes include one of each of the following:

BLACK+DECKER prize package comprised of one (1) of each of the following:
• BDCDE120C 20V MAX* Lithium Drill/Driver with AutoSense™
• BDEMS600 Mouse Sander
• BDCS40BI 4V MAX* Lithium Pivot Screwdriver
• BDCDCMT120 Matrix 20V MAX* Lithium Drill/Driver
• LCS1020 20V MAX* Chainsaw
• BDCMTRS Matrix Reciprocating Saw Attachment
• BDCMTI Matrix Impact Driver Attachment

To enter, visit the campaign landing page, and enter your First Name, Last Initial, Email, City, State, Phone and upload a photo of yourself and your completed project!

Please note, the contest ends December 28th, 2014.

Also, visit the Finished Project Gallery to browse the other entries and get inspiration for your own projects! 

Go ahead, enter the contest – what could it hurt? You don’t have to have a fancy photo or difficult project – heck, it could be that you finally replaced that loose doorknob or you finally hung up that picture you’ve been meaning to hang up for years! 

Many thanks to BLACK+DECKER for sponsoring today’s story and inspiring me to finish these projects!


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Swap It Like It’s Hot – LAMP EDITION!


Swap It Like It's Hot 2 | Queen of Everything | #swapitlikeitshot

When I was asked to participate in Swap It Like It’s Hot Part 2, I jumped at the chance. First, I was so excited to go pick something out for someone else (I got my buddy Bee from Windgate Lane), then I was excited to see what someone else picked for me, and THEN panic set in. What in the world was I going to make?

Swap It Like Its Hot 2 | Pulleys | Queen of Everything #swapitlikeitshot

Well, Rachel from Shades of Blue Interiors got my name for the swap. She sent me … two pulleys! What was I going to make with pulleys?!

Any smart person would logically decide, “I’m going to make a lamp!”. Really? A LAMP was the first thing that came to my mind? Why, I’ve made hundreds of lamps before (I’m lying). How difficult could it really be (pretty difficult)? I had a picture in my mind and I was determined to make it a lamp reality.

Base of Pulley Lamp | Queen of Everything | #swapitlikeitshot

Pulley Lamp Off | Queen of Everything | #swapitlikeitshot

Close up of pulley | Queen of Everything | #swapitlikeitshot

Close up of pulley OFF | Queen of Everything | #swapitlikeitshot

So, here it is! Thanks, Rachel – I love what I made from the pulleys (yes, I only used one), and I would be willing to bet you never dreamed I would see a pulley and automatically jump to “lamp”. Go figure. It was not easy to make, it was pretty tedious, and I am so proud of myself for actually making it happen. Big ups to Tom, Makely Home’s resident husband, for helping me come up with a design for it and not making me feel like an idiot when I was trying to explain to him what I had in mind. That house is full of smart people, they come in handy! Big ups to Brittaney, my BFF, for staining wooden blocks with me into the wee hours of the morning while watching “Bad Words” (by the way, completely inappropriate movie!). Big ups to my husband, Kevin, for helping me when I was freaking out about how to make this happen and telling me that he liked the choices I was making. Big ups to Color Cord for just being awesome. I emailed them to ask a question, and got a response within 15 minutes. WHO DOES THAT? Color Cord. They make me want to make a million lamps. Also, they didn’t pay me a thing to say this. This was BY FAR the most DIY project I have ever taken on. Who knew?!

Now that you’ve seen what I made, go see what everyone else made with their thrift shop swaps! I am pretty excited to see what these crazy girls made with their stuff – and I’m also pretty excited to see what YOU have made with thrift shop goodies. Link it up, y’all! Here are all of my partners in crime… I know what I’ll be doing when I have a break at work! Charlotte at Ciburbanity also set up a Pinterest board that features the past #swapitlikeitshot projects, as well as the ones from this go round, if you are a Pinterest person.

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Before and After: Hairpin Leg Bench

First of all – don’t forget to follow our trip to Round Top via Instagram today! You won’t regret it!

Lindsay @ Makely Home / Heather @ Queen of Everything / #werockroundtop


My husband and I went to visit his family in Amarillo, TX over Thanksgiving. We rarely get to travel over holidays due to our work schedules, so when we realized we could get out of town for a few days we jumped on it! 

Now, if you’ve met me, you know that I do not like sitting around on vacation. Beach vacation? Boring. I need to DO something – I can sit around at home. So what did I do? I dragged my husband and my mother-in-law shopping on old Route 66 with me. Who knew that Amarillo had so many cool antique shops? Not I! I found a treasure at Alley Katz Antique Emporium

Hairpin Leg Bench Before  Queen of Everything

I saw her just sitting there, all lonesome and sad. She didn’t have a price tag, so of course I sent my husband to get the price while I stood guard – debating in my head what my 1) dream price and 2) price limit for this piece would be. Well… as luck would have it, the price of this beautiful hairpin leg bench was my DREAM PRICE! I pushed my luck and tried to get it for $5 less, but they said no and I was just fine with that. I put it behind the counter, finished shopping, bought my stuff and got the heck out of there! Apparently someone saw MY bench behind the counter and wanted to buy it if I didn’t. Too bad, lady. You snooze, you lose. No mercy.

I immediately texted my aunt, my sister, and my friend Lindsay a picture of it. My aunt said I got ripped off ($25 is not what I would call ripped off!), my sister had a bunch of questions about it, and Lindsay was excited and told me I got a great deal. She loves her some hairpin legs, so I knew she would appreciate it. She came through for me!

So, in all of my excitement, I didn’t really think about how I was going to get it home. We came to Amarillo with a dog and luggage, AND all of the craft supplies I bought on Black Friday… so we took it apart and stuck it in the trunk. 

Fast forward about 3 months… (told you I’m a procrastinator)… and I finally picked out a fabric to recover it in. Of course I picked something that matches absolutely nothing in my house. It just kind of “goes” with the style, in my opinion. The seat was in good shape, but I wanted to replace the foam (I’m weird like that) and use my Ryobi Airstrike to put everything together. MAN, I love that thing. 

Fabric | Queen of Everything

I decided to keep the original fabric and foam on it, rather than try to remove it. I tried one little corner and it just wasn’t happening. I used some spray adhesive and added a piece of one inch thick high density foam cut to size to the top of the old fabric. 

Now for the fun part …

RYOBI Airstrike | Queen of Everything

Yes, I could have very easily used a boring old staple gun – but why, when I have this beauty at my disposal? As Tim “The Toolman” Taylor used to  say, “MORE POWER!” – and then a lot of grunting. I may or may not have grunted a little while I was nailing the fabric to the bench top.

Ah, that show was the best.

After I wrapped and nailed the fabric around the bench top (it took about 3/4 of a yard, FYI), it was time to reattach the legs. I got to use TWO power tools today! It was a good day. It was simple – I just drilled the screws back into their holes. Total time for this project today: 30 minutes. Amazing, isn’t it? When I get motivated, I can generally do something pretty quickly and today I did!

Drill and Legs | Queen of Everything

Hairpin Leg Bench After | Queen of Everything

I love it! My husband actually picked out the fabric – and it goes perfectly with the whole look. What do you think?

A note about power tools and a love letter to Ryobi: Before I went to Haven Conference back in 2012, I had never used a power tool. Ever. I was scared to death of them! Ryobi was one of the main sponsors and they had a session on how to use power tools – so I went. They taught us some very basic things about power tools, safety, and when to use what tool. They didn’t make us feel stupid for asking questions, they took their time and helped us individually if we needed it. I’m telling you, that hour long class gave me a HUGE boost of confidence and the desire to get my own power tools and USE them! During the class, each of us built a small wine rack. I still remember sitting next to Jamie at our table and both of us kind of freaking out on the inside about using the drill! Guess what? I went out after Haven that year and bought myself a whole starter kit of Ryobi power tools. Guess what else? I’ve actually USED them. When I went back to Haven Conference in 2013, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the new power tools. I didn’t go to the beginner’s class that time! Again – the Ryobi employees were so easy to talk to, helpful, and NICE. I can’t emphasize that enough. They just let us do our thing and helped us if we needed it. You couldn’t tear me away from that Airstrike. Or the sliding compound miter saw. Or the impact driver. At the party they threw for the Haven attendees, I made friends with some of the Ryobi big guys. They invited me to a Home Depot training session they were having in Fort Worth the next week. Guess what? They GAVE me the Airstrike for showing up. I swear, I will never buy a power tool that is not Ryobi – they are great tools, and they have great people working for them. That is what’s most important to me! 

Ryobi Guys | Queen of Everything

No, Ryobi didn’t pay me to say this. They didn’t require that I do a post in exchange for the Airstrike. All they want is for you to feel comfortable using their products. If you are scared to use power tools, don’t be. They are fun and kind of addicting (now I keep a running list of the ones I still need – which, luckily, isn’t very long!) once you get started. Ryobi is just, in my opinion, the best. I’m sad that I won’t get to see them at Haven Conference this year (budget and limited vacation days are an issue this year, unfortunately) but I know that they will help some first-timers get over their fears. That’s what they did for me! 

Wine Rack | Queen of Everything

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