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Swap It Like It’s Hot Reveal

Flea Market Swap Day 3 | Queen of Everything

This was my second time to participate in Swap It Like It’s Hot (if you recall, I built a dang lamp last time!) and I knew I didn’t have the time or inclination to go THAT far again… but I’m still pretty happy with what I ended up with! I received items from Cassie at Primitive & Proper – she threw me for a loop but that’s kind of what this whole thing is about. Links to all of the projects are at the bottom of this post!

Swap Items | Before | Queen of Everything

I opened up the box and saw the 2 candlesticks first. Funny thing – I just purchased 2 eerily similar (just taller) candlesticks from Goodwill a few weeks before! When I get around to working on the taller ones, I’ll have a nice set of 4. 

Candlesticks | Swap It Like It's Hot | Queen of Everything

I decided to keep it simple and just paint them with chalk paint… but then I realized that I don’t really use taper candles. I found some cute glass crown tea light holders at a craft store and knew exactly what to do – after the paint dried and I waxed the candlesticks, I attached the crowns with hot glue. Obviously, I love crowns. I’ll get much more use out of these now that I can put votives or tea lights in them!

She's Crafty | Swap It Like It's Hot | Queen of Everything

I’m pretty sure that most people that were alive in the 70’s had this exact same bedsheet growing up. I know I did! I used to hate them – but seeing it again made me realize that maybe my mom was (obviously) way cooler than I thought she was when she bought the sheets for my twin sized bed.

I recently decided that I like to do hand embroidery, and I had a huge piece of fabric just begging for *something* – and my project was born. I hand stitched “She’s Crafty” onto the sheet (shout out Beastie Boys) and fell in love. It needed a little something else, though. What kind of craft project doesn’t involve glitter, I ask? Certainly not one of mine. So yeah, I glittered some petals and leaves. Then I decided to take it one step further and sew some beads onto one of the flowers. I could’ve gone on for days, but I was officially out of time (I am a procrastinator… obviously). I wrapped it around a canvas, stapled the heck out of it, and called it done! It will be perfect hanging in my craft room. 

I didn’t end up using the book for anything, but I have 2 little nephews that will love to read it! Thank you so much, Cassie! I had a blast with your items!

I was lucky enough to get to send “junk” to Jaime from That’s My Letter… I’m excited to see what she did with her items! 

Be sure to check out all of the other blogs as well – we’re on day 3 of 5! Share, comment, and give some love to my friends! I’ve included all of their blogs below.

Swap It Like It's Hot 3 | Queen of Everything


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Stenciled Stepstool for Benjamin

* This post is sponsored by Michaels and DecoArt. The ideas and opinions are mine. * 

Inspire Someone Today | Queen of Everything

Graphic from the Rhonna Designs app.

Many years ago, I painted and decoupaged a stepstool for my oldest nephew. That thing has been well worth the time I spent on it, because he still uses it and loves it. Guys, those letters were cut by hand. I did not have a Silhouette at the time. That was a labor of love! 

Stepstool for Logan 2010 | Queen of Everything

When Logan’s little brother Benjamin came along in 2013, we could tell right off the bat that this child was going to be a little more daring than his older brother. Whereas Logan was cautious and not a risk-taker, Benjamin has kept all of us on our toes. He is into everything, ON everything, and I just hope that my sister and brother-in-law have excellent health insurance because I foresee many ER visits for this one! 

Handle Stool |  Michaels | Queen of Everything

Since Benjamin is not scared of anything, I decided that maybe his stepstool didn’t need to be *quite* as big and tall as Logan’s stepstool. Luckily, Michaels had one that was going to work out perfectly. I picked it up, along with some paint, stencils, and spray sealer and was on my way! 

Primed and Painted White | Queen of Everything I got it home, primed it, and painted it white. Once that dried, it was time for the fun part! 

Stencil Choices | Queen of Everything

I love both of these stencils, but ultimately I went with the houndstooth pattern for the stepstool. The diamonds were a little more “shabby chic” than I was going for. 

Stencil Applied to Stool | Queen of Everything

I used some repositionable spray adhesive to make the stencil lay flat on the top of the stool. I tried it without it, and I can now say that I absolutely do not recommend that! Just use the spray and thank me later.

Base Paint Over Stencil | Queen of Everything

I defer to my friend Lindsay on all things painting (have you seen this?? Even more amazing in person!), so of course her blog came through for me on advice on how to tackle this. I found this tutorial, and the takeaway from that was to put down a coat of the base color over the stencil. It forms a “wall” to keep paint from seeping underneath the stencil. Friends with blogs are handy to have around! So, I painted over the stencils with the white paint I used for the stool itself and let that dry. 

Painting In the Stencil | Queen of Everything

Extreme Close Up of Stencils | Queen of Everything

As you can see, I decided to go BOLD for this design. Benjamin is bold (oh, you have no idea how bold that child is) so he needed a stool to match his personality! This also happens to match his bathroom, so that was a factor as well. 

I used the cheapy sponge brushes (one for each color) to apply the paint. I buy those things in bulk! They are the best. I did not “brush” the paint on, I “dabbed” it on. The key is to not have a ton of paint on the sponge – brush it off until you think it’s too dry. If you have too much paint, it’s going to make a mess underneath the stencil. I found that brushing the paint on led to paint getting underneath the stencil, and I do not have time for that! I ended up doing two coats, because some colors really needed a second coat (mainly the darker colors). I took the stencil off while the paint was still drying. I did not want to take the chance on it getting stuck!

Triple Thick | DecoArt | Queen of Everything

Once the paint dried and I fixed the little mess-ups (everyone has them, no one is perfect!), I took the stool outside and sprayed it with this awesome Triple Thick Brilliant Gloss Glaze from DecoArt. I LOVE this stuff. It comes in a jar or a spray, and I’ve probably gone through two jars of it recently – I’m not even kidding. It’s my favorite sealer spray. I gave it three coats of this stuff, because Benjamin is only 20 months old and is not going to be gentle with this! I let it cure for 24 hours, just to be safe. I love that the Triple Thick actually brightens the colors once you spray it on – it really makes a big difference!

Finished Stepstool | Queen of Everything

Finished Stepstool | Queen of Everything

It turned out just like I wanted it to! Of course, I had to rush it over to get Benjamin’s approval ASAP:

Benjamin Climbing | Queen of Everything

Benjamin Smiling | Queen of Everything

(Sorry the pictures are blurry, but he never stops moving!) I think he loves it. I’m definitely glad I didn’t get him the bigger stepstool!

For the project, I used Americana Multi-Surface Paint – available at Michaels. Visit the DecoArt Multi-Surface website for more crafting ideas and inspiration! Everything for this project (except for the cutie nephew) can be found at Michaels – in store or online. 

In case you’re interested, these are the colors I used!

Americana Multi-Surface Paint Colors | Queen of Everything

(Iris, School Bus, Lipstick, Leprechaun, Blue Bird, Chartreuse, Night Sky, Poppy, and Deep Turquoise) 

* This post is sponsored by Michaels and DecoArt. The ideas and opinions are mine. * 


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Updating my front porch decor

*This article is sponsored by BLACK+DECKER*

November To-Do List | Queen of Everything

Since Black+Decker gave me the push I needed to finish a few projects around the house, I’ve been excited about all of them! I woke up yesterday morning and headed straight to Home Depot for supplies. I decided to check off the 2nd item on the list – paint pot on front porch and make a rolling platform. My front porch decor is seriously lacking, and I feel like it’s time to step up my game since our house looks like the “Scrooge” house on the block.

Before | Queen of Everything

I had to work quickly, because, well, it’s COLD here in Texas. We’re not used to this! I wiped off the pot and got all of the grass and dirt off of the bottom of it, and then waited for it to dry. 

One coat | Queen of Everything

2 coats of Rustoleum 2x Key Lime spray paint later, and it looks like a totally different pot! It brightened everything up, which was just what my front porch needed. (Above picture is after the first coat)

Finished pot and wheeled platform | Queen of Everything

I also made a wheeled platform for the pot, since it is so heavy and difficult to move. I used one of the leftover pieces of wood from my lamp, painted with with Rustoleum 2x Dark Gray spray paint, and added 4 wheels onto the bottom. Simple, and took about 15 minutes after the paint dried! 

Closeup of large pot and cart | Queen of Everything

My original plan was to get a huge pot of mums to set in the pot, but they were all gone – I waited too long to buy them. Instead, I picked up a rosemary tree and it looks Christmasy AND smells great. Bonus: I can use it on chicken! If I can manage to keep the rosemary alive, I’ll just keep adding seasonal flowers around it as the seasons change. For now, I’m just going to add some greenery around the rosemary pot. 

Key Lime Pot with Rosemary | Queen of Everything

So, 2 things checked off of my list! I’ll be adding them to the “Your Big Finish” page, and if you have completed any of YOUR projects, you should add yours too. There are many prizes to be had, and I would love for one of my readers to win!


*This article is sponsored by BLACK+DECKER*

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Favorite Projects from #swapitlikeitshot

Now that it’s been a week since we first posted our #swapitlikeitshot projects, and I’m (almost) fully recovered, and divorce proceedings have been halted (my husband and I do NOT do DIY well together) – I thought I’d share some of my favorite projects from the other participants and the link party participants!

(These are in no particular order, yada yada yada…)

Makely Home Glitter Bookends

Well, obviously these HAVE to be in my top picks, because GLITTER. And also, I love Lindsay to pieces. And, GLITTER.

Windgate Lane MCM Table

Since I have such excellent taste (or maybe I’m just cruel), I had to throw this one in as well. I mean, I *did* buy this for Bee at Windgate Lane. I got lucky and was able to meet her for lunch and deliver the goods, since she’s local to me. Bee probably hates me, but I just love the way this turned out!

Carrie at Making Lemonade got me with this one. Yeah, pretty sure I’m gonna be copying this little project, if I can find a wire basket like this! My house is so tiny, there just isn’t much room for knick knacks – but guess what? I can sure hang stuff from the ceiling! 

Now for my favorite link party participant projects (say that 5 times fast): Pam at Simple Details found a classic cane chair at an estate sale (LUCKY!) and took it from boring to awesome just by giving it a little bit of love. I would be so thrilled to find a chair or two like this to play with!

Ever since I made my lamp for the swap, I’ve become obsessed with lighting in general. I love how simple this is, and how much better it looks than it originally did! I would love to make some more light fixtures, so I’ll be keeping this pendant light from SafAffect for future reference!

Gold is finally growing on me. I hated it until maaaaaaaaybe 6 months ago, and I have no idea why. Now? I can’t get enough. Ursula at Homemade by Carmona transformed these $1 Goodwill bowls into something I would probably buy from a store, just by using gold spray paint. I’ll be picking up every bowl in sight from now on. 

So, did you find any projects that you just fell in love with? Do you have one to add? The link party is up for another week, so keep on adding! 

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Thrift Store Wall Hanging

Thrift Store Wall Hanging Before & After | Queen of Everything

A couple of months ago, my sister started texting pictures to me from a local thrift store (we do a lot of real time shopping via text message, especially since I work during the day and she stays home with my nephew). She definitely found some random items AND some really good ones. 

Metal Wall Hanging Before | Queen of Everything

This particular wall hanging looked like it may have been from Kirkland’s in a past life. I’m sure it was lovely back then, but it did not fit in with her new decor at all. I convinced her to buy it instead of leaving it there for someone else! At $12, it was a good deal, and she had a place for it in her front hallway. Boom.

I’m really proud of my sister for bringing in some color to her new house. Not everyone is a huge fan of bright colors, and that’s fine, but her new house was screaming for something colorful and happy. She is going with neutral gray walls and using colorful accessories, and it looks great so far! Her latest project has been her front hallway – the things she used in her old house literally do not fit there, so she had to start from scratch. Whitney needed one BIG item for the wall, and found it that fateful day at the thrift store.

Paint Colors | Queen of Everything


I went on a very last minute trip out of town to see my friend Lindsay this past weekend, and wouldn’t you know it? Whitney decided to start knocking out projects without me. The colors were chosen via text message, with approval from myself and Lindsay – and of course, Whitney. She went with a dark charcoal gray, a pretty green color, turquoise, white, and navy blue. (PS: The green is Rustoleum Fern – we have been in love with this particular green color for years and years. Hands down, best spray paint color ever. No lie.)

Primed | Queen of Everything

The first thing she did was prime the lovely piece of artwork. It may not have been a necessary step, but we are big fans of primer just in case. 

Wet Paint | Queen of Everything

Next, she decided which squares were getting which color (and it had to be symmetrical, because it is my sister after all) – not that there’s anything wrong with that, she just has a touch of OCD sometimes. We all do. Lindsay asked how Whitney managed to not get every paint color on every square. Lindsay and I think a lot alike (eerily so), and we both would have done things the difficult way, with painters tape, paper, etc. Nope, Whitney just covered up the other squares with cardboard and moved them as she went. Easy peasy. Oops. Anyway, she painted all of the squares and let it dry for a little while. I’m sure it took all of 2 minutes to dry because we live in Texas and it was ~100 degrees that day. 

Drying on the table | Queen of Everything

She moved it inside and let it finish drying. I think it looks so much better painted in solid colors – it really brings out the details!

Metal Wall Art, Redone | Queen of Everything Here it is on her wall! She has a green/white striped rug underneath it, so it looks really nice and put together now. On the other wall, she spray painted a couple of frames in our favorite Fern color as well. Total project cost was right around $25 and maybe 30 minutes of work – not too bad! 

Do you have “the eye” for thrift store purchases? What is your favorite thing you’ve rescued from a thrift store? I’d love to see it!


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Mirror Makeover with DecoArt!

Reviving a Mirror With Paint | Queen of Everything

* DecoArt provided me with most materials for this project. All opinions are mine. If you have any questions, please see the Disclaimer tab at the top of the page. * 

Frame before | Queen of Everything

Please excuse my foot! It isn’t easy taking a picture of a mirror!

I purchased this mirror at Kirkland’s a few years ago, not knowing for sure what I wanted to do with it at the time. I paid $5 for it because it was SO beat up, but I knew I could make it pretty again. Once I was invited to become a DecoArt blogger, I had to come up with some type of project and pitch it to them – so this mirror came to mind. I could do a mirror makeover AND get it out of my craft room closet at the same time! 

Paint Color Choices | Queen of Everything

DecoArt provided me with some of their Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint, wood filler, Clear Creme Wax, and a wax brush for my project. I wasn’t sure exactly how this mirror would turn out, since it had a lot of chips and scratches on the frame (which is plastic made to look like wood). However, having used several kinds of chalky finish paints in the past, I knew I could make it work for this mirror makeover. It covers everything! (PS: I decided that I would use the Vintage color for this project… now what to do with the New Life color? Hmmm…)

Wood Filler | Queen of Everything

After dusting the mirror off (don’t look at me like that!), I applied some wood filler to the deeper missing pieces and let it dry. So far, so good, even though it was plastic. I wasn’t aiming for perfection here, but I needed to do SOMETHING to make it look a little better! While that was drying, I covered up the mirror with cardstock and Frog Tape. Hey, it worked like a charm. I didn’t really want to have to scrape paint off of the mirror, so better safe than sorry. 

Zinsser Bulls Eye | Queen of Everything

Primed | Queen of Everything

Once the wood filler had dried, I took the mirror outside and primed it. Zinsser Bullseye 1-2-3 dries super fast, so within 30 minutes I was ready to put some color on it! FYI: This primer also comes in quart and gallon cans if you want to brush it on. I know you don’t have to prime things when you use chalk paint, but I generally think things turn out looking a little nicer when you do prime, and I feel like it saves me from having to put an extra coat or two of paint on it. Priming is just one extra step and I do it when I can. I must admit, I think it looked really pretty in just plain white! 

Ready to paint | Queen of Everything

I took the mirror back inside the house to paint. I covered my craft table with an old towel, set the mirror up on painters points, and got my supplies out. A couple of weeks ago, I was at the grocery store, probably buying something tasty but not healthy, and noticed that they had styrofoam trays for sale. I’m pretty sure they are the trays that the butcher puts the meat on before wrapping it and labeling it – but at 30 trays for $1, I had to get them. I’ll probably go get more because they are cheaper than my usual paint tray made of foil! (And yes, they were new and packaged – I’m not using old, nasty meat trays for my painting projects.) A former co-worker used to save all of her frozen dinner trays (washed) for her paint projects. We creatives can get pretty creative when we have to!

First coat | Queen of Everything

I put the first coat of paint on in less than 15 minutes – even with all the ridges! I knew I would be doing at least 2 coats so I wasn’t trying to make it perfect. This paint dries fairly quickly, so I was ready to do a second coat after about 30 minutes of drying time, if that. 

Second Coat Full | Queen of Everything

I decided to water down the second coat of paint, because the Americana Decor Chalky Finish paint is pretty thick! I suppose you could add water TO the paint, but I’m too chicken – so I dip my paintbrush in a cup of water, and then into the paint. I’m sure I’m doing things the hard way, but I can control how thick/thin the paint is by doing it this way. The second coat went on fast as well, but I took a little more time making sure every bit of the mirror frame was covered with paint. 

Once the second coat was dry, I decided that it didn’t need a third coat (yay!) so I left it alone for about an hour just to make sure it was completely dry before waxing it. 

Finished Mirror | Queen of Everything

Guys, I really liked this wax, and I’m not just saying that because DecoArt is watching me! It was creamy, went on like butter, and was easy to work with. I’ll definitely be getting some of the other colors they have now! It took very little wax to get a shine on it. The brush they sent me was good too – at first, some of the bristles fell out, but I think that is probably to be expected with any new paint/wax brush. As my friends know, I tend to get impatient when something is tedious – as waxing tends to be – but not this time. I’d say I had it waxed in 10 minutes, tops. The wax is quick drying, but I let it sit for a few hours before moving the mirror to take pictures. Now, a few days later, it’s just fine and looks GREAT! 

I love that Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint and Creme Wax is more widely available than some other brands. I don’t always have time to drive to the places that sell the Annie Sloan / Maison Blanche / Cece Caldwell paints, but I can almost always make it to Michaels or Home Depot if I need to.

This was a fun, quick mirror makeover and I really love the results I got with the paint and wax! 

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$1 Chalkboard Countdown Frame

Chalkboard Countdown Frame | Queen of Everything

I’m sure you have all seen the square wooden frames at craft stores that sell for $1-$2, right? I buy them whenever I go to craft stores, because they can be used for quick gifts – and they’re cheap! I decided that as part of Project Road Trip, I would make a chalkboard countdown frame so I have a visual reminder of how many days are left before we go to Colorado. It took me about 20 minutes to make (not including drying time for the chalkboard paint), so it’s not a super involved project.

One dollar frame | Queen of Everything

The first thing I did was paint the frame with chalkboard paint. I had it out when I was painting the garage sale frame, so I grabbed one of my $1 frames and painted it in 2-3 minutes. At the time, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it – it was kind of a spur of the moment decision. Chalkboard paint dries fairly quickly, so I put a second coat on it the same night.

Fast forward to today. I was working on some other things when the idea came to me – I could turn it into a countdown frame! It could be a countdown to anything – vacation, Christmas, birthday, whatever. I picked a fun piece of cardstock for the background, and cut it into a 3.75×3.75 square using my Silhouette Cameo

Font choices | Queen of Everything

Font choice two | Queen of Everything

Then came the fun part. I have a bit of a font problem, so of course I had to try several different ones before I found one I loved. I will admit, that took a while, but that was all me – most people don’t/won’t be as picky about fonts as I am! Once I chose the font, I cut out the phrase “Days Until” on cardstock, making sure that it fit within the 3.75×3.75 square. I ran the letters through my trusty Xyron 1.5″ Create-A-Sticker (love that thing) and attached them to the square I had previously cut out. 

Final font choice | Queen of Everything

You know you have to “season” a chalkboard before you write on it, right? Well, all that involves is covering the chalkboard with chalk vertically, and then horizontally. Then you wipe it off with an eraser or soft cloth. I wiped mine off with a damp cloth, because I wanted the darker look (yeah, don’t think that made much of a difference). 

The next step was just filling in the days and what I was counting down to! I’m going to make one for my nephew, since he is getting very excited about our trip. He can use the chalkboard countdown frame for other things after vacation. I’m sure his next countdown will be for Christmas – he thinks ahead.

This turned out really cute and can be customized so many ways – paper, fonts, colored chalkboard paint… and it was so quick, easy, and cheap! 

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How to Make a Chalkboard Out of Any Framed Picture

How To Make a Chalkboard Out of Any Framed Picture | Queen of Everything My best friend loves to go to garage sales. I go with her when I’m in the mood (I will admit, I’m not always up for it), and she finds the best stuff for CHEAP. I spotted a large framed print at one, stepped around it, and moved on. She spotted it and told me I should get it. I thought the picture was ugly, didn’t need another big frame, and I didn’t have room for it on my walls. Why should I buy a garage sale frame? Well, I bought it for $8, and we went about our business.  Garage Sale Frame Before | Queen of Everything Once I got to thinking about it, I thought – hey, that’s kind of a cool looking frame. Hey, I’ve got tons of paint. Hey, I’ve got a bunch of chalkboard paint too. Ding ding ding – and I had a plan.  Maison Blanche Chloe | Queen of Everything I decided to try a Maison Blanche Paint Company color I’ve wanted to try for a long time – Chloe. It’s a fun, light lime green color and I knew it would be perfect for this project. I picked up a sample size pot for $10 and after 3 coats on the frame, I still have about half of it left! Totally worth it.  Garage Sale Frame 1st Coat | Queen of Everything I put on three coats of the Chloe paint, letting it dry between each coat. I didn’t really care about the paint getting on the glass, because that would be covered later. It looked good as it was, but once I waxed it, some of the metallic tones came out and it looked even better! I used Briwax (in clear) for this. Briwax is a little more difficult to work with than some of the other waxes I’ve used, but I used it because I wanted to see how it did on this particular piece. Ready to wax | Queen of Everything Now, I really didn’t mean to distress it at all – but 1) it just kind of happened, and 2) I’m glad I did. Once I saw how the wax was pulling up the paint, I may have pushed a little harder with the brush! I did tape off the glass because I did not want the wax to affect the chalkboard paint. Closeup of Distressing | Queen of Everything Once the wax had dried (I waited about 48 hours, partly to let it dry and partly because I was procrastinating), I took the tape off and got ready to turn this beast into a chalkboard. Ready for Chalkboard | Queen of Everything I put more tape down to guard the edges of the frame while I put the chalkboard paint on. I used a roller as opposed to a brush because I wanted it to be as smooth as possible.  Frog Tape Paint Can Opener | Queen of Everything (Off topic a little bit) – I received this in my Haven Conference swag bag last year, obviously from Frog Tape (one of the many awesome sponsors). I swear, this was one of the best things in the bag! I thought it was a paint can opener, so that’s what I used it for. It works great! No muss, no fuss. Easy as pie. Any more cliches? Well, I knew that wasn’t all it could do, so I got to googling and guess what? It’s a bottle opener. Frog Tape knows how to party (and so do Haven attendees)! This was so much better than using a screwdriver or one of the cruddy metal ones they give you at Lowe’s or Home Depot. Thanks Frog Tape!  Chalkboard 1st coat | Queen of Everything This picture was taken after the first coat. I did 2 coats of chalkboard paint and then went back and did a few touch ups. It covered great! Now I want to paint everything with chalkboard paint.  I did not wait until the chalkboard paint was dry to rip off the Frog Tape. I wasn’t sure how the chalkboard paint would stick to the glass in the first place, and didn’t want to chance it!  Finished Chalkboard | Queen of Everything (That spot on the right hand side is just wet chalkboard paint from a touch up!) I love this project. It was easy, fairly inexpensive, and fun. I’m so glad to know that I can paint chalkboard paint over glass – this opens up a whole new world for me! Every frame in my house better run and hide. I think I’m actually going to sell it because I have so many more projects in the pile, I’m not going to have room to put it on the wall! The frame is 29″x23″, and the chalkboard is 23″x17″ so it would be perfect for a menu board in a kitchen. I thought about cutting the word “MENU” out of vinyl on my Cameo, but decided to let the person that buys it customize it instead.  Have you painted anything with chalkboard paint? If so, what? 

House on the Way
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Things I Saw That I Loved #4

Things I Saw That I Loved Queen of Everything


Did you follow my trip to Round Top with Lindsay on Instagram? If not, you missed out! (Well, the pictures are still there, but you know. Real time shopping and all that jazz.) Turns out, the Round Top area does not have awesome cell service, so we had to improvise and post when we could. Just follow the #werockroundtop hashtag on Instagram and be prepared to see some creepy stuff. Round Top definitely had a theme going, guys, and you’ll figure it out after the first few pictures. I will do a full post about our day soon, I promise. I didn’t post *all* of the pictures to Instagram.

Moving on!

Here are some of the “Things I Saw That I Loved” from this week. (It is looking like this is the “My friends are awesome” edition!) I hope you enjoy my favorite picks of this past week, and maybe find some blogs that YOU will love too. Let me know if you find some new blog loves! (PS: I’ve included links back to the original blog posts, and I’ve also pinned them on Pinterest for you so they are easy to find/repin.)

Raptor Mama's Project Life Planner Pages

Raptor Mama does a LOT of Project Life layouts – and blogs, and makes other crafty stuff too. She ordered some planner pages and tweaked them to make them into what SHE needed. I love it! I am thinking I need a copy for myself. Maybe if I were more organized, this blog would have more posts than it does… I’m really impressed with what she’s done! And jealous of all the fun stuff she gets to do.

Vintage-Saftiplass-Panels | Makely Home


Now y’all. I was so excited to see this post from Makely Home come up. Why? Because I got to HELP make these! Okay, all I did was put some rubbing alcohol on strips of metal and glue those strips of metal to wood… but I still helped. Lindsay’s house was awesome. I loved it. And I love these panels she made. I have no idea how she comes up with everything she comes up with! 

Stenciled Goodnight Moon Art | Ciburbanity


My friend Charlotte from Ciburbanity had a pretty exciting week. She’s a good secret keeper too – know why? She filmed an episode of Flea Market Flip LAST SPRING and didn’t tell anyone until very, very recently. It aired this past Sunday and I’m not gonna spoil it for you… but I want to know what she did with her half of the prize money 🙂 Anyway, this stenciled sign is in her dining room. I love it. 

Gold Dipped Plumage Cabinet | Boxy Colonial


Isn’t this gorgeous? This pretty thing was in the East Coast Creative Blog’s link party for Crafting With The Stars (have you been following that? I’m really good at picking the winning project this time around) and I had to click and comment on it. It just caught my eye and I love how she painted the legs GOLD! Gretchen at Boxy Colonial knows what’s up. 

Green Lady | Windgate Lane


Obviously, I need to go hang out with Bee at Windgate Lane more often so she can teach me her ways. (You may remember her from the very first edition of Things I Saw That I Loved…) She only lives about 45 minutes away! She loves the Rub N Buff as much as I do (oh yeah… I wrote a post about Rub N Buff but shockingly haven’t finished the whole project yet!) and I LOVE the green color she chose. I love bright colors on things that aren’t normally bright colors. Hello, I have two bright orange chests in my craft room. Bee did a beautiful job on this and I’m going to go steal it from her… right now. See ya in a few, Bee!

TGIF, right? Enjoy your weekend (I’m going to the Main Street Arts Festival and to see The Mavericks – best concert ever!) – have fun! Show these bloggers some love, too!


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Maison Blanche Paint Playdate

I spent a lot of time blogging on Real Cheap Housewives of Texas. Lots and lots and lots of time. We had some good stuff on there! SO, I think I will “revamp” some of my old posts and share them here – but just my favorites. A few of us spent a day with Annie from Maison Blanche Furniture Paint about a year ago. I was so excited! I refer to it as our Maison Blanche Playdate and would love to go back again. I hope you enjoy it, because we sure did (and still do!)

You know, sometimes it pays to open your big mouth and make a fool of yourself. If I had not (obnoxiously) invited myself to go check out the Maison Blanche factory/warehouse here in Fort Worth, I wouldn’t be writing this post!

Of course I follow Maison Blanche on Facebook (you should too), because 1) I love all things chalky finish paint, 2) it is more convenient for me to buy than Annie Sloan Chalk Paint or Cece Caldwell paint, 3) Maison Blanche REALLY loves their product and the people that use it – they are constantly posting pictures of real projects and they are great about introducing everyone to new blogs, AND 4) Annie of Maison Blanche is super sweet and totally got excited about having us out to play on this lovely Friday, or at least she pretended to be!

When we arrived, we were greeted by Clementine, who might be the coolest/sweetest/prettiest puppy ever. I really wanted to steal her! Annie said that they like having her around while they’re working because even when they are stressed, on a deadline, or just having a bad day, Clementine will come up and just need a cuddle and that just forces you to slow down and relax a little. It makes sense – I would be a much happier person/employee if I could take my dogs to work with me! (PS: I tried to get a picture, but she is camera shy and would literally run away any time one of us tried to get a picture of her! She has the prettiest BLUE eyes!)

Maison Blanche Playdate Layout | Queen of Everything

Annie and Nicole had a table all set up for us with name tags, folders, a Sharpie, a pen, paint points, a putty knife, and pieces of molding that were pre-painted with Maison Blanche paint.

Annie and Nicole talked a lot about their company and how it got started, and it is amazing how much work really goes into it! Believe it or not, they don’t get to just sit around and paint stuff all day. In fact, we offered to come paint their office furniture for them one day (hopefully they will take us up on it!). 

Annie was so knowledgeable and could answer any question we had for her. She knows what she’s talking about, y’all! I left yesterday feeling so much smarter about paint, furniture, and finishing it – but most importantly, I left inspiredAgain. As all my friends know (and joke about), I tend to lose steam when projects don’t go as planned. Take, for example, my coffee table that I started painting months ago. I made homemade chalky finish paint and absolutely hated it. NOW Annie has inspired me to finish it, and I want to do it. All it really needs is another coat of paint and it needs to be waxed – I mean, really – less than two hours worth of work.

annie-from-maison-blanche-explaining-glacage | Queen of Everything

Our first project was learning how to use Maison Blanche Glacage. It’s kind of difficult to explain exactly what it is, so I’ll just say it is a texturing/embossing process. It comes in five different colors (Natural Wood, Oak, Cherry, Black, and Walnut), so you can match it to what you are working with.

annie-and-nicole-from-maison-blanche | Queen of Everything

To teach us how to use Glacage, Annie and Nicole had cabinet doors lined up against the back wall. These can be bought for next to nothing, and would make cute gifts! We each chose the style we wanted (yes, they had a variety!), then chose the stencil we wanted to use, and then chose the color of Glacage we wanted to use.

cabinet-doors-at-maison-blanche-before | Queen of Everything

The first thing they had us do was lightly sand down the cabinet doors to take a little bit of the gloss off of them. Once that was finished, we used some stencil adhesive and laid our stencils out where we wanted them. (FYI: Stencil adhesive spray works SO much better than tape!)

annie-using-glacage-natural | Queen of Everything

maison-blanche-glacage-stencil | Queen of Everything

Now comes the fun part (and the part that we basically managed to not get ANY pictures of!) – slapping that Glacage on. Glacage is a cream, not a liquid, so it is thick.  We applied it to the outer front edges of the cabinet doors, and also onto the stencil. You can use whatever color you want, it just depends on the color paint you use and/or how you want it to look after distressing if you distress it. The Glacage takes a little while to dry, so Annie and Nicole magically had more for us that were already “Glacaged”, dry, and ready to go! It was like something on the Food Network. 

maison-blanche-glacage-cherry | Queen of Everything

messy-workspace-at-maison-blanche | Queen of Everything

Once your Glacage is dry, it’s time to paint. I chose Pastille, Whitney chose Chicory Spice,   Tarah chose Collette, Christie chose Cayenne (although now that I think about it, she could have used Cerise!), and Aunt Toni chose Robin’s Egg. Annie did a cabinet door in Bayou Blue. The paint was smooth, went on great, and covered just like I knew it would! I think I did maybe two coats on mine, and that is only because it was a really light color. 

cabinet-door-painted-with-maison-blanche-pastille-over-glacage | Queen of Everything


annie-the-fastest-waxer-in-the-west | Queen of Everything


Once the paint was dry (maybe 45 minutes?), we took them outside and sanded them down a little (to distress them). You don’t HAVE to do that, it is completely optional. Then we chose our wax. Maison Blanche has Dark Brown, Light Brown, Amber, and Clear. The Maison Blanche wax was almost like a liquid, it went on so easily! I was amazed. It got in all the nooks and crannies and it really was as simple as brushing it on (we used chip brushes – cheap and you don’t feel bad throwing them away once they’re worn out!) and wiping it off with a soft, clean cloth. Some of the other waxes I’ve used are so thick it almost hurts to put it on – I’ll never buy the cheap stuff at Lowe’s / Home Depot again!

maison-blanche-robins-egg-blue-and-dark-wax | Queen of Everything

Robin’s Egg Blue + dark wax

maison-blanche-robins-egg-blue-during-waxing-with-dark-wax | Queen of Everything

Robins Egg Blue + dark wax (not quite finished – still needed to buff with a rag)

maison-blanche-collette-before-wax | Queen of Everything

Collette + amber wax before

maison-blanche-collette-and-amber-wax | Queen of Everything

Collette + amber wax after

maison-blanche-cayenne-and-dark-wax | Queen of Everything

Cayenne + dark wax after

Annie told us that when we got home we needed to “buff” it a little with a soft cloth to make it shine a little bit more. It really does make it shine! Isn’t it amazing how much wax can change the color of paint?

Remember those pieces of moulding that were in the first photo?

Maison Blanche makes two products – one is called Le Dirt and one is called Organza. Both of the products amazed all of us!

Once you have painted and waxed your piece, you can add Le Dirt to it to give it that old, antique-y feel. The wax helps it “stick” to the piece!

before-le-dirt-maison-blanche | Queen of Everything

(This picture was pre-waxing – I forgot to snap a pic after!)

Once we were all waxed and ready to go, we took our moulding and Le Dirt outside with a chipbrush. You definitely want to do this outside if possible, because it is a powder (much like dirt). You don’t want to inhale this stuff, and we made sure that Whitney did not do this part since she was pregnant. Annie @ Maison Blanche did not think there were any problems with a pregnant person using it, but we didn’t want to take the chance!

le-dirt-maison-blanche-brush-it-on | Queen of Everything

First, you’re going to pour some Le Dirt onto your piece. Wherever the wax is, that is where the Le Dirt will stick!


Once it is on there, start brushing it off.


Keep brushing until you’re happy with it.


Can you see how it has settled into the crevices? It looks like an antique piece you would find in your grandmother’s attic! It completely changes the look of it.

The Organza really blew us away, and was probably our favorite product we used that day. Remember Whitney’s faux zinc coffee tables? Yeah, she has been kicking herself since we learned about this stuff – this makes it SO easy to get that same look with almost no work at all.




This was the “before” picture of the moulding. No wax, nothing but paint.

moulding-after-pearl-gold-shimmer-maison-blanche | Queen of Everything


Can you believe the difference?! I’m pretty sure a jar of this would last the normal person for years – we used VERY little of the product to get this effect.

It is a cream and we just dabbed it on with a clean rag. You can wax it afterwards if you want (I probably would just to protect it). These pieces that we have pictures of have not been waxed.

Organza comes in three colors – Pearl Gold, Silver, and Gold. Whitney can’t wait to try the faux zinc look with this!

That’s it for our Maison Blanche “Heather Has a Big Mouth” Tour! You can find Maison Blanche on Pinterest, their website, and Facebook. All of us really had a blast at their warehouse when we went, and we would all love to go back if they invite us! Thanks again to Annie and Nicole – you girls are great! 

Maison Blanche Playdate 2013 | Queen of Everything


(Since our playdate, Maison Blanche has come out with several new products – Le Craque (for a crackle finish), Translucide Glaze, and Lime Wax. I am itching to get my hands on some of the Lime Wax, but it must be very popular, because my go-to person has been out of it the past few times! They also carry varnish.

I know this post reads like an infomercial – but I was not paid to do any of this. I truly had a blast and learned so much from Annie, and hope to go back and visit someday soon! Love y’all!


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