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So. Hi?

My last post on this blog was April 20, 2015. 

What in the world? I have no good reason why I quit posting, nothing too juicy, just a multitude of little things. A friend of mine was challenged to write in her blog every day in November, so I thought… maybe I’ll do it too and see if I’m still feeling it. 

There have been many, many times over the last year and a half where I have thought to myself, “Hey, I should blog about that”. Then I got overwhelmed because I haven’t been here in so long, haven’t checked the blog email in over a year, and I couldn’t even remember the password. You know, things like that! Last night, I recovered my password, emptied the inbox, and updated all of the behind the scenes stuff on the blog. Facing fears and all that jazz.

Quick little updates: I have another nephew, Owen. He just turned one in August. He’s adorable, and he’s the last kid in the family until my brother decides to reproduce one day. I already miss having a little baby around to cuddle! Still working for the same company, still doing the same basic job, just with different people now. I went to Las Vegas for the first time in June of this year with my newest BFF / work husband… he’s gay and just the best guy ever. We had a blast and it was probably the most fun I had had in a long time! I started volunteering for the Resource Center here in Dallas in August, and will actually be teaching some kids about jewelry making in a couple of weeks! It’s something I believe VERY strongly in, and this is one of the ways I can help the most. I went to NYC in September to see ADELE! I went with my 3 best girlfriends from high school and we had the best time. Adele definitely puts on an amazing show, and it was also my first time in New York. I loved the city and cannot wait to go back! I started an Etsy shop to sell my jewelry (and whatever else I decide I want to make). 

So if you didn’t notice the name of the Etsy shop, it is called Stress Crafting. It’s been a bit of a rough year, mentally. Anxiety decided to show its ugly face for the first time earlier this year, and in a big way. I started having panic attacks and now take a daily medication that helps keep them at bay for the most part. This year has been about finding ways to calm myself down and nip the panic attacks and irrational thinking in the bud. One of the things I found helps immensely is crafting, and lately it has been with jewelry. I had made so much of it, I was running out of space for it, and I certainly wasn’t wearing it! It felt good to make it and calmed my soul. I decided to open up an Etsy shop to see if I could make a dent in my built up inventory. It hasn’t done too poorly, especially since I haven’t exactly been pimping it out very much. Anxiety has a way of creeping into your whole life – your marriage, your friendships, your relationships, your alone time, your social life, your work life – and I have yet to discover what triggers it. Instead, I’m learning how to handle it. Crafting is one of those ways to deal with my anxiety. I have good friends that I have confided in, and they know the signs to watch for. I’m pretty lucky to have them! 

Here’s a few pics of what’s been going on since, oh, last April! 

Owen, the youngest nephew. #3!

Owen, the youngest nephew. #3!

Vegas, Baby!

Vegas, Baby!

My husband Kevin and I on July 4th.

My husband Kevin and I on July 4th.

Just a small sampling of the jewelry I made in one day. That's right, ONE DAY.

Just a small sampling of the jewelry I made in one day. That’s right, ONE DAY.

Adele. No other words necessary.

Adele. No other words necessary.

Me and the girls. The Golden Girls. (I'm Rose)

Me and the girls in some rooftop bar that was entirely too cool for us to be allowed into. The Golden Girls. (I’m Rose).

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Things I Saw That I Loved #6

Things I Saw That I Loved Queen of Everything

First, I need to show all of you what I’m working on. I promise I haven’t just been binge-watching Parenthood (bad idea, don’t try it) or eating Cheetos Puffs. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you might remember that waaaaaaaay back in April, I went to Round Top with my friend Lindsay. We saw lots of weird stuff, but also lots of great stuff. Of course I only bought the great stuff (Lindsay was questionable – oh, hey, Lindsay!), but my favorite purchases were two fabric pieces with sayings printed on them. Of course, I can’t leave well enough alone, so I decided one night this week to start embroidering over the letters. Mind you, I’ve never embroidered a thing in my life, so I am totally winging it. I’m also totally rocking it, if I do say so myself. I can even do it while I’m (not) watching Parenthood 6 episodes at a time! 

Screenprint Before | Queen of Everything

Screenprint During | Queen of Everything

See? I’ve been busy! I bought another one with a different saying on it – I have big plans for that one as well. I’m going through this one pretty quickly, so I might actually have a finished product to show you this week!

Down to business:

Here are some of the Things I Saw That I Loved from this week. I hope you enjoy my favorite picks of this past week, and maybe find some blogs that YOU will love too. Let me know if you find some new blog loves! (PS: I’ve included links back to the original blog posts, and I’ve also pinned them on Pinterest for you so they are easy to find/repin.)

Honeycomb Hexagon Shelves | Boxy Colonial

I’ve featured Boxy Colonial before, because I think she’s awesome. I’m really sad that I missed out on Haven Conference because I would have gotten to meet her! I love the way these shelves turned out, I love the stain she used, and I even love the way her kids are using them. Pretty much love all around. Send me some?

Anthro Inspired Beaded Necklace | Happy Hour Projects

Adrianne over at Happy Hour Projects makes the coolest jewelry – and she makes it look so simple. I love this necklace, and I’m going to attempt it! It will require purchasing a few tools, but I’m not scared – I’ve worked on jewelry for half of my life! I just love the way this turned out. 

I Spy DIY Gem Necklace | I Spy DIY

Speaking of jewelry, I’ve had this one saved for a while to share. The first thing I look at when I see people is their jewelry. It’s habit, I know, but that’s one of the side effects of working in a jewelry store for so long! I am loving the big gemstone/druzy trend, and this post from I Spy DIY links to a great website for purchasing them to make your own. I purchased a druzy necklace for myself on our trip to Colorado and it’s one of my favorite pieces!

Druzy Pendant | Queen of Everything

Herringbone Painting | Ooh I Like That

I received a huge, heavy box of paints from DecoArt last week to try out for them, and I just really couldn’t think of what to do with them. As soon as I saw this, I knew. I love all the colors in this canvas by Ooh I Like That! I’m a little obsessive, though, so mine will most likely not be as “spontaneous” as this one, unfortunately. Maybe I’ll just close my eyes and slap paint on it – knowing me, I would tape off stripes to divide the colors, and that is SO not the point of this project. Anyway, love it!

Rug Bench | Ciburbanity

My friend Charlotte at Ciburbanity has really good taste. As in, I would give her the keys to my house, walk away, and let her redecorate the whole thing (at her expense, of course – I’m generous like that). She finds the BEST deals and turns them into these perfect little things, like this bench of hers that I really, really want. I never would have though to cover the top with a rug!

I hope you liked this batch of awesomeness! Have a great week!

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Travel Jewelry Repair Kit Queen of Everything

Travel Jewelry Repair Kit

*This post contains affiliate links* 

Somehow, I have become the “craft how-to/jewelry repair” person at my office. I guess word spreads quickly, because it seems like I get an email, phone call, or visit almost daily from someone wondering how to make or fix something. Even my husband comes home from HIS job with questions from his co-workers. What the heck?

After another co-worker jewelry dilemma today (actually, this was a shoe with a beaded decoration on the top), I decided that I would just go ahead and put together a “travel jewelry repair kit” to keep at my desk for anyone that needed it. I’m sure you know that costume jewelry is very popular right now, and I’m sure you also know that it is fairly inexpensive. As a result of it being inexpensive, the quality generally isn’t all that great! However, I can’t make this stuff myself as cheap as I can buy it, so there you go.

I included a miniature tube of Super Glue, teeny tiny needles, and a couple of clamps. The Super Glue dries quickly, but you really don’t want to glue your fingers together – so that’s where the clamps come in. The teeny tiny needles are for stringing beads back together if necessary. I’ll be using all three of these components tomorrow when we set out to fix the broken shoe jewelry!

Costume Jewelry Repair  Queen of Everything

I purchased the Super Glue at Target (it came in a pack of 2 for about $3-4), the needles came from a craft store (cheap!), and the clamps are from Harbor Freight ($1.00 for 8!). This all fits in a snack size Ziploc baggie, so it doesn’t take up a lot of room. You just never know when you might need this kit!

* This post contains affiliate links* 

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