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Christmas Gift Guide for Women 2014

Also known as Heather’s Wish List 2014. True, maybe I’m in the minority – I know a lot of women that would not want power tools under the Christmas tree, but I also know a lot of women that would LOVE to have some awesome tools. I kept it pretty generic, and I would love any/all of these things – well, I have a Kindle Fire, but other than that… here is the Christmas gift guide for women! *Some links are affiliate links*

Womens Gift Guide 2014 | Queen of Everything

1. Stanley Adjustable Sawhorse Twin Pack  2. Vera Wang Perfume  3. Southern Living Community Cookbook  4. Emily McDowell “You Can Do It!” Mug  5. Rockwell VersaCut Circular Saw  6. Gold Beaded Bracelet  7. Sharpies  8. Kindle Fire  9. Starbucks Gift Card (or really ANY gift card!)  10. Ryobi One+ Sheet Sander  11. Philosophy Hope in a Jar  12. Pom Pom Throw  13. Skinnytaste Cookbook

*Some links are affiliate links*

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Christmas Gift Guide for Men 2014

I asked my husband to come up with a general list of ideas for a Christmas gift guide for men, in all price ranges – he apparently had a blast, and now wants to be able to shoot fire out of his hands… so, here you go. Most of these are available through Amazon Prime (LIFESAVER) so you can have them before Christmas! *Some links are affiliate links*

Mens Gift Guide 2014 |  Queen of Everything


1. Bose SoundLink On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones  2. Cards Against Humanity  3. Timex Premium Original Men’s Watch  4. PYRO Fireshooter  5. Moleskine Classic Notebook  6. Chisel Dock (iPhone 6)  7. Dollar Shave Club (best $$ spent all year!)  8. Swiss + Tech Key Ring Multi-Function Tools  9. Sipping Stones  10. Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Sunglasses  11. Solid Cologne Collection  12. Stewart Stand RFID Blocking Stainless Steel Wallet  13. La Fenice 

*Some links are affiliate links*

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The Queen’s Favorite Things #1

The Queen's Favorite Things | Queen of Everything

In lieu of showing you yet another picture of my unfinished embroidery project, I thought I’d share a few of my current favorite things. Now, this can change by the minute – but this will be pretty up to date! (Some links are affiliate links)

Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo | Queen of Everything

Ah, dry shampoo. Whatever did I do without you? Oh yeah – I sprinkled WHITE baby powder into my DARK BROWN hair. Good looking out, Heather. I’ve tried many, many dry shampoos and Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo is by far my favorite. It doesn’t stink, it doesn’t take forever to “soak in”, and it’s not expensive! It was on sale at Target a couple of weeks ago, so I grabbed two cans. I’m stocked for a while now! This is great for second day hair. I actually have been putting it in my hair at night before bed and it seems to work even better, so there’s a little tip for ya.

Parenthood | Queen of Everything

Okay, I know most (if not all) of you know what “binge watching” is. Most people do it with shows like Orange Is the New Black, Arrested Development, The Office – fairly lighthearted shows. Not me, though. Nope. I chose to watch all 4 seasons of Parenthood that were available on Netflix over the course of about 2 weeks. Big mistake! I got sucked in and I will just say that Parenthood is most definitely NOT lighthearted. It has its funny moments, but for the most part, that show deals with some serious issues! Now I need to catch up on the current season (5), but I needed to cleanse my Netflix palate. With The Office. Then it’s back to The Braverman family. 

How About No Necklace | Snark Factory  Queen of Everything

So, a few months ago I won a nice gift from Larissa over at Prodigal Pieces – 2 beautiful teacups, an Etsy gift card, and a Home Depot gift card. SCORE, right? I *finally* decided I was going to spend that Etsy gift card last week. Don’t you hate it when you see everything you want, and then when you can actually purchase it – you can’t think of anything to buy? Or is that just me? Well, I went back and forth, to and fro, you get the point – and I landed on this bad boy. If you haven’t figured this out yet – I’m pretty sarcastic. I say, “How about no?” quite a bit. Obviously, this was meant for me to have – so I made it mine. Bonus: The girl who makes them lives in Texas! Her shop is called Snark Factory on Etsy – this thing is awesome. (I will warn you, there are some pieces that might be seen as offensive to some people – nothing crazy, but it’s there!) Go check her out. I’m sure you can find something else I’d like to have. 

Rimmel Kate Moss 08 | Queen of Everything

If you know me at all “in real life”, you will know that I am slightly addicted to lipstick/lip gloss/lip balm. It’s a real thing, y’all. I probably reapply lipstick about once an hour, sometimes more. It’s not like the lipstick I buy doesn’t last, because it does – it’s a mental thing with me. I kind of freak out if I don’t have lipstick with me at all times. I really can’t explain it. Anyway, I found myself without my other favorite lipstick the other day, so I had to make a quick purchase. This is the first Rimmel lipstick I’ve tried (I’ve used some of their mascara and loved it), and I love it. It’s the perfect “neutral” color – I generally either wear a reddish lipstick or a pinkish-brown and this is a great pinky brown. (Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate 08) It IS matte, though, so obviously I have to put a gloss over it. I’m really just feeding my lipstick addiction. 

Foldover Elastic | Queen of Everything

If you have long hair like I do, I’m willing to bet that it ends up in a ponytail more often than not. Mine is generally up in a messy ponytail by 9:00 AM, because it is HOT in Texas in the summer! Plus, I don’t like my hair blowing in my face. I’m really not sure why I have long hair since I seem to hate it (I like it). For years and years, I used rubber bands. First, the kind with the balls that would pop your fingers and make you want to cry or punch someone. Or both.

Evil ponytail holders | Queen of Everything

Yes, those are instruments of the devil.

Then I moved on to the regular ones minus the balls on the end. They hurt, and they popped your fingers too, but they didn’t bring the pain quite like those SOBs right up there. THEN I discovered hair ties and the angels sang. Now, people will sell them and charge a ton for them – don’t be crazy. I make them for super cheap, and so can you. It’s called foldover elastic. You can find it at the craft stores, but I’ve had the best luck buying it online. (Pick Your Plum sells it every once in a while and I stock up when they do! Best prices and best color choices!) I even made a tutorial on my old blog (RIP RCHOTX) for them – I have one or two on my wrist at all times, a few in my desk, and a baggy of, oh, 200 of them JUST IN CASE of a ponytail emergency. 

Embroidery Progress | Queen of Everything

HA HA, I got you suckas! You knew I couldn’t not post a picture of the progress on my top secret embroidery project. I only have two words left to do, and the only reason it’s not finished is because I had to take a 3 day migraine break. I think that we’re back in action after tonight, so you are in luck. It’s going to be awesome! 

So, do you agree or disagree with me on my favorite things? What are some of YOUR favorite things? 


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