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Viva Las Vegas!

Like I said in my earlier post, I got to take two trips this year, both somewhat spontaneous. In June, I was having lunch with my best friend (it’s pretty awesome getting to work with your best friend!), and he mentioned that he was going to Las Vegas with an old co-worker. That conversation turned into him inviting me to go with them! We ended up booking our flights the same day (yes, before I even mentioned it to my husband. Oops.) and that was that. I don’t *do* spontaneous trips, generally, so he must have caught me on a good day. He had been two or three times before, so he planned everything and it was glorious! I was a Vegas virgin.

His old co-worker ended up not being able to go after all, so it was just the two of us. We were so excited! We had three days to cover a LOT of ground. 

We basically landed at the airport, took a cab to the hotel, and hit the ground running. We stayed at the Treasure Island hotel. It was in a great location, and our room had a really nice view (I was impressed, at least). 


The first day, we walked up and down most of the strip. I was in awe of how different Vegas was from little old Fort Worth where I live! I wasn’t used to seeing 90% naked women and men walking down the street, that’s for sure – but hey, whatever works.  


We stopped and shopped at Caesar’s Palace, and of course had to stop and have our first drink. It was HUGE, and not cheap! It’s all part of the experience, though, so I was okay with it. 

13393989_10153506852747665_3863481552599397946_n 13445535_10153506852617665_6399432821008949034_n

For dinner that night, we went to Mon Ami Gabi in the Paris Hotel, and it was SO good. We both had steak frites, which is what that restaurant is known for, and it did not disappoint. After dinner, we walked by the Bellagio, hoping to see the fountains at night, but they malfunctioned and didn’t put on a show for us. Oh well. 

Yeah, that night we were in bed by 9:30. We were exhausted. On a map, and even in person, everything looks so close together. It’s definitely not. Distance + heat + alcohol = tired travelers!

13466466_10153506852442665_6390253593118965571_n 13445349_10153506852347665_3464516383242331193_n The next day, we had breakfast at Serendipity 3 (frozen hot chocolate… what?!). We did a little more exploring, played on the slot machines a little, and went back to the room for a couple of naps. We had a big night to look forward to, and we knew it wouldn’t be good if we didn’t rest up when we had the chance. 


13427787_10153506852197665_2877403349281913277_n-1   13445752_10157304175405354_3870555123608268766_n   13450306_10157304175055354_2740711312990244709_n

That night, we headed to Old Las Vegas (Fremont Street). Blake had never been to that part of Vegas, so it was new for both of us. They call it the Fremont Street Experience… and it was definitely an experience. I said to him several times, “I don’t understand how and why people bring their KIDS to Vegas!” – as naked showgirls walked past us. I saw some things I can’t unsee on Fremont Street, but we loved it. No, we didn’t zipline – maybe next time!


We went to a bar called Commonwealth. It was SO COOL. Definitely the coolest bar I’ve ever been in! They had live music, the decor was perfect, and everyone was laid back. My kind of place. Inside Commonwealth, there is a speakeasy, which was our main reason got going to the bar in the first place. I found out about the speakeasy online, and had to make reservations a few weeks ahead of time. I don’t want to give too much away since it’s supposed to be secret, but I’m sure if you are decent at Googling, you can figure it out! Blake and I both agreed – that was our absolute favorite part of the trip. Definitely worth going back for. We ate next door at a Thai restaurant, strangely enough called Le Thai, and it was also wonderful.

After that, we took an Uber BACK to the strip, because it was time for our next adventure. 


13423839_10153506851887665_7576444829293926875_n 13435333_10153506851977665_196635396519164551_n 13435482_10157304174725354_5893564229492246670_n 13450916_10157304173695354_8983717148556179379_n-1 13406729_10157304173590354_6374221530178037394_n

Yeah, that’s right, we did the Happy Half Hour on the High Roller. Yours Truly found a Groupon for $40 – all you can drink for 30 minutes (once around on the High Roller above Las Vegas). We SO got our money’s worth! I highly recommend it, even if you don’t do the open bar car. It was awesome to see at night. If you can get Orlando as your bartender, DO IT. 

After that, we somehow made our way to a club and had a good time there as well. I think we finally got back to the hotel around 3:00 am. Remember when I said we had those naps? That’s why. 


The next day, we went to a couple of hotels that we hadn’t visited yet, because there was a Trump rally at Treasure Island that morning. Needless to say, it was a madhouse between security, the people waiting for Trump, and just craziness in general. We wanted to avoid it at all costs! Our feet hurt from all the walking, so we ended up doing a lot of sitting and people watching (also a fun thing to do in Vegas).

Our flight was later that afternoon, so we headed back to the airport – tired, happy, exhausted, and quite a bit poorer. It was so worth it, though. I can’t wait to go back!

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Swap It Like It’s Hot Time!

Swap It Like It's Hot 3 | Queen of Everything

It’s time for round 3 of Swap It Like It’s Hot! It starts today and goes through Friday… and from the ones I’ve seen so far, we are all in for a treat! Go check them out and make sure you come back here on Wednesday (MY DAY).

I’m so excited to see what everyone makes! 


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Stenciled Stepstool for Benjamin

* This post is sponsored by Michaels and DecoArt. The ideas and opinions are mine. * 

Inspire Someone Today | Queen of Everything

Graphic from the Rhonna Designs app.

Many years ago, I painted and decoupaged a stepstool for my oldest nephew. That thing has been well worth the time I spent on it, because he still uses it and loves it. Guys, those letters were cut by hand. I did not have a Silhouette at the time. That was a labor of love! 

Stepstool for Logan 2010 | Queen of Everything

When Logan’s little brother Benjamin came along in 2013, we could tell right off the bat that this child was going to be a little more daring than his older brother. Whereas Logan was cautious and not a risk-taker, Benjamin has kept all of us on our toes. He is into everything, ON everything, and I just hope that my sister and brother-in-law have excellent health insurance because I foresee many ER visits for this one! 

Handle Stool |  Michaels | Queen of Everything

Since Benjamin is not scared of anything, I decided that maybe his stepstool didn’t need to be *quite* as big and tall as Logan’s stepstool. Luckily, Michaels had one that was going to work out perfectly. I picked it up, along with some paint, stencils, and spray sealer and was on my way! 

Primed and Painted White | Queen of Everything I got it home, primed it, and painted it white. Once that dried, it was time for the fun part! 

Stencil Choices | Queen of Everything

I love both of these stencils, but ultimately I went with the houndstooth pattern for the stepstool. The diamonds were a little more “shabby chic” than I was going for. 

Stencil Applied to Stool | Queen of Everything

I used some repositionable spray adhesive to make the stencil lay flat on the top of the stool. I tried it without it, and I can now say that I absolutely do not recommend that! Just use the spray and thank me later.

Base Paint Over Stencil | Queen of Everything

I defer to my friend Lindsay on all things painting (have you seen this?? Even more amazing in person!), so of course her blog came through for me on advice on how to tackle this. I found this tutorial, and the takeaway from that was to put down a coat of the base color over the stencil. It forms a “wall” to keep paint from seeping underneath the stencil. Friends with blogs are handy to have around! So, I painted over the stencils with the white paint I used for the stool itself and let that dry. 

Painting In the Stencil | Queen of Everything

Extreme Close Up of Stencils | Queen of Everything

As you can see, I decided to go BOLD for this design. Benjamin is bold (oh, you have no idea how bold that child is) so he needed a stool to match his personality! This also happens to match his bathroom, so that was a factor as well. 

I used the cheapy sponge brushes (one for each color) to apply the paint. I buy those things in bulk! They are the best. I did not “brush” the paint on, I “dabbed” it on. The key is to not have a ton of paint on the sponge – brush it off until you think it’s too dry. If you have too much paint, it’s going to make a mess underneath the stencil. I found that brushing the paint on led to paint getting underneath the stencil, and I do not have time for that! I ended up doing two coats, because some colors really needed a second coat (mainly the darker colors). I took the stencil off while the paint was still drying. I did not want to take the chance on it getting stuck!

Triple Thick | DecoArt | Queen of Everything

Once the paint dried and I fixed the little mess-ups (everyone has them, no one is perfect!), I took the stool outside and sprayed it with this awesome Triple Thick Brilliant Gloss Glaze from DecoArt. I LOVE this stuff. It comes in a jar or a spray, and I’ve probably gone through two jars of it recently – I’m not even kidding. It’s my favorite sealer spray. I gave it three coats of this stuff, because Benjamin is only 20 months old and is not going to be gentle with this! I let it cure for 24 hours, just to be safe. I love that the Triple Thick actually brightens the colors once you spray it on – it really makes a big difference!

Finished Stepstool | Queen of Everything

Finished Stepstool | Queen of Everything

It turned out just like I wanted it to! Of course, I had to rush it over to get Benjamin’s approval ASAP:

Benjamin Climbing | Queen of Everything

Benjamin Smiling | Queen of Everything

(Sorry the pictures are blurry, but he never stops moving!) I think he loves it. I’m definitely glad I didn’t get him the bigger stepstool!

For the project, I used Americana Multi-Surface Paint – available at Michaels. Visit the DecoArt Multi-Surface website for more crafting ideas and inspiration! Everything for this project (except for the cutie nephew) can be found at Michaels – in store or online. 

In case you’re interested, these are the colors I used!

Americana Multi-Surface Paint Colors | Queen of Everything

(Iris, School Bus, Lipstick, Leprechaun, Blue Bird, Chartreuse, Night Sky, Poppy, and Deep Turquoise) 

* This post is sponsored by Michaels and DecoArt. The ideas and opinions are mine. * 


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Christmas Gift Guide for Women 2014

Also known as Heather’s Wish List 2014. True, maybe I’m in the minority – I know a lot of women that would not want power tools under the Christmas tree, but I also know a lot of women that would LOVE to have some awesome tools. I kept it pretty generic, and I would love any/all of these things – well, I have a Kindle Fire, but other than that… here is the Christmas gift guide for women! *Some links are affiliate links*

Womens Gift Guide 2014 | Queen of Everything

1. Stanley Adjustable Sawhorse Twin Pack  2. Vera Wang Perfume  3. Southern Living Community Cookbook  4. Emily McDowell “You Can Do It!” Mug  5. Rockwell VersaCut Circular Saw  6. Gold Beaded Bracelet  7. Sharpies  8. Kindle Fire  9. Starbucks Gift Card (or really ANY gift card!)  10. Ryobi One+ Sheet Sander  11. Philosophy Hope in a Jar  12. Pom Pom Throw  13. Skinnytaste Cookbook

*Some links are affiliate links*

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Christmas Gift Guide for Men 2014

I asked my husband to come up with a general list of ideas for a Christmas gift guide for men, in all price ranges – he apparently had a blast, and now wants to be able to shoot fire out of his hands… so, here you go. Most of these are available through Amazon Prime (LIFESAVER) so you can have them before Christmas! *Some links are affiliate links*

Mens Gift Guide 2014 |  Queen of Everything


1. Bose SoundLink On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones  2. Cards Against Humanity  3. Timex Premium Original Men’s Watch  4. PYRO Fireshooter  5. Moleskine Classic Notebook  6. Chisel Dock (iPhone 6)  7. Dollar Shave Club (best $$ spent all year!)  8. Swiss + Tech Key Ring Multi-Function Tools  9. Sipping Stones  10. Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Sunglasses  11. Solid Cologne Collection  12. Stewart Stand RFID Blocking Stainless Steel Wallet  13. La Fenice 

*Some links are affiliate links*

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Christmas Decor AND a Giveaway!

After working in retail for 20 years, I kind of became “immune” to Christmas. It was (obviously) the busiest time of the year, and I would literally come home from work and go to bed from about Thanksgiving through mid-January. Now that I’m no longer working in retail stores, I’ve had to readjust my Christmas thinking and get with the program! Last year was my first year out of retail, so it just didn’t “feel” like Christmas – and I didn’t put up any Christmas decor. ANY. This year, I wanted to change that. Over the past few days, my husband and I have decorated the living room for Christmas and I love it. Front Door Wreath | Queen of Everything As much as I would LOVE to have two trees, our house just isn’t big enough for that. Hopefully our next house will have room, because I have two (technically THREE) different themes for my trees that we alternate between. My personal favorite is the tree we have up this year – I call it the “Fancy” tree. It consists of gold/copper/brown/cream/silver/glitter/mercury glass ornaments, with a couple of dark red/purple ornaments thrown in because they are sentimental. I have a burlap and muslin tree skirt that I (painstakingly) made a few years ago for it. Brown Glass Ornament | Queen of Everything Crystal Ornament | Queen of Everything Crystal Teardrop Ornament | Queen of Everything Purple Beaded Ornament | Queen of Everything Red Diamond Ornament | Queen of Everything Glittered Swirl Ornament | Queen of Everything Burlap and Muslin Tree Skirt | Queen of Everything Star Tree Topper | Queen of Everything The next tree we have is the “Funky” tree. It is fun – we use a white Christmas tree and bright, colorful ornaments (think orange/lime/turquoise/hot pink/purple/silver) and a really sparkly tree topper. We have lots of fun decorating that tree! Last time we used it, I wrapped some bright flannel around the base of it.  Then, my husband’s favorite tree – the “Hallmark” tree. Both of us received ornaments from our grandmothers growing up – they would fill up the whole tree! We also made quite a few ornaments by hand our first Christmas living together – we didn’t have money to buy a bunch of fancy ornaments, so we painted a lot of ornaments that year. Kevin is much more sentimental than I am, and I know that he would love to use all of those ornaments every year.  Fancy Tree 2014 | Queen of Everything Until I have a house big enough for a small forest, we’ll have to settle on one of them!  Peace on Earth Garland | Queen of Everything Since our teeny tiny house doesn’t have a fireplace, I bought a wooden mantel a few years ago in Canton (have you been? You should go, especially if you live in Texas!). In this house, we really only had one place to put it, and I don’t love the location, but it will just have to do. I made a “Peace on Earth” garland using my Silhouette Machine, and my eyes were bigger than my tree – it was WAY too big to fit on my small little wimpy tree. We moved it to the mantel and it works – but we are moving it yet again to above the TV, where it will stay! I also haven’t completely decided what we are going to decorate the mantel with, so it’s still a work in progress. PLUS – and I’m sure some of you can understand my pain – I am missing a box of Christmas decor that I purchased last year. I can’t find it anywhere!  Stockings Were Hung | Queen of Everything Candles and Vase | Queen of Everything I bought these mercury glass votive holders a few days ago and love the way they look. Currently, we have these sitting on my stereo cabinet with a vase full of sparkly round vase fillers (also purchased in Canton!).  I think the reason I love my “fancy” Christmas stuff so much is because it is relaxing. There is nothing better than sitting in the living room at night with the overhead lights off, and just the lights on the tree on and the candles burning. 

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Silhouette Giveaway!

And I’ve saved the best for last. My Silhouette Challenge buddies in partnership with Silhouette America are hosting a mega-huge giveaway for not one…but two winners! The prizes up for grabs? First prize: The NEW Silhouette Cameo Machine and Designer Edition Super Bundle! $406.93 value.

  • Silhouette CAMEO®
  • Designer Edition Software
  • Dust Cover
  • $25 Download Card
  • Four Essential Silhouette Tools (hook, spatula, scraper, pick-me-up™)

Second prize: Silhouette Portrait Machine and Rhinestone Starter Kit! $219.98 value. Pretty sweet, huh? We want you to have the chance to get that Silhouette machine that might still be on your wish list. To enter: just complete the entries in the Rafflecopter widget below or at this link. Because of my many blog friends who helped make this giveaway possible, you have 42 potential entries, which means a lot of winning power. So, hurry up and enter! {This giveaway runs from today through Monday, December 15th at 11:59p eastern and is open to anyone 18 years of age or older with a U.S. or Canada mailing address. You can read the rest of the terms and conditions in the widget below.} a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Project #2 – Hanging New Curtains

 *This post sponsored by Black+Decker* November To-Do List | Queen of Everything

Okay, so I painted the pot on the front porch AND made a rolling platform for it. I even bought a rosemary tree for it! I have no illusions at this point – I am not going to get all of these projects finished by December 10. It’s just not going to happen. However, I knocked another one out tonight! We finally got around to hanging the new curtains. 

New curtains | Queen of Everything

I had these made, oh, about a year ago? My husband worked at a fabric store at the time (I know, right?!) and of course I always got first dibs on the new stuff that came in. I was dreading making 6 panels WITH blackout lining, so much so that I just held on to the fabric for entirely too long. Luckily, one of the women he worked with took matters into her own hands and made them FOR me! How awesome is that? 

I put off buying new curtain rods (they are expensive!) and I knew I didn’t want to make curtain rods (we’re moving next year) so I finally bought some today, came home, and we put them up before I had the chance to get lazy again. 

I had no idea what a difference they would make in the room. It is so LIGHT in there now (our old curtains were dark red/brown) even though they are blackout drapes. It almost makes me like our living room again! Next purchase: New rug.

Corner Curtains | Queen of Everything

Hopefully I can get one more project finished by December 10 and post it to the Your Big Finish page – did you hear? Black+Decker is featuring my painted pot in Times Square sometime this month! Crazy, huh?! You have a few days left to click below and enter your project and win some pretty awesome prizes, so get to it! 


*This post sponsored by Black+Decker*

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Christmas Ornament Swap

Earlier this year, I joined a Facebook group started by Lauren of The Thinking Closet for Silhouette users/bloggers. The members of that group have been so helpful with so many things! One of the things we do are swaps – this summer I did a tag exchange, and we just had a Christmas ornament swap. 

If you know me at all, you know I am a sucker for Christmas ornaments, as evidenced by the insane amount of Rubbermaid containers in my garage all labeled “CHRISTMAS”. Or maybe it’s the fact that I have two different themes for my Christmas trees – funky and fancy. We alternate years because Kevin prefers the funky tree (bright colors – lime green, orange, turquoise, purple, hot pink, bright blue) and I prefer the fancy tree (browns, creams, pearls, silver, gold, lots of glitter). This year it is funky’s turn to play. Someday I will live in a house big enough to have two trees up so I don’t have to take turns! 

After emailing with my swap partner a couple of times, I learned that she 1) loves music, 2) loves Disney, and 3) her favorite color is blue. I figured I could hit two out of three with the ornament I made for her! 

Glittered Felt Circles | Queen of Everything

I cut varying shades of blue felt into small circles (about the size of a nickel). Once I thought I had enough, I poured a little bit of Mod Podge into a bowl, and got my glitter ready to go. Since I am a glitter freak, I had plenty of colors to choose from, so I chose colors that coordinated with the felt. It’s really kind of sad that I had everything for this project in my craft room, but also kind of convenient! 

I dipped the bottom of the circle in the Mod Podge, and then dipped it in the glitter. Honestly, the most time consuming part of this project was cutting out the circles! Once the glittered circles were dry, I layered them onto the ornament with hot glue. (The ornament was a paper mache ornament like this one – found at craft stores or online)

Blue Felt Glitter Ornament | Queen of Everything

Start to finish, it probably took me an hour – but I was at my best friend’s house, talking and drinking the whole time, so I’m sure it normally would have taken 30 minutes! Obviously, I didn’t use my Silhouette for the project, but it wasn’t a requirement.

I sent off the ornament to my swap partner, and received this in exchange – I love it! We love Elf in my house, so it is perfect. It will definitely have a place on the funky tree this year!

Smiling's My Favorite | Queen of Everything

We will probably deck the halls this weekend – I would prefer to do it after Thanksgiving, but the weather is supposed to be nicer here in a few days, so I plan on taking advantage of that! Have you decked your halls yet? Finished up any projects? If so, share them on Your Big Finish and you will be entered to win prizes OR cash! (Who doesn’t need cash for Christmas?!) Hey, it’s fun to just look at the projects on there too – maybe they will inspire you! 

* This article is sponsored by Black+Decker



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Updating my front porch decor

*This article is sponsored by BLACK+DECKER*

November To-Do List | Queen of Everything

Since Black+Decker gave me the push I needed to finish a few projects around the house, I’ve been excited about all of them! I woke up yesterday morning and headed straight to Home Depot for supplies. I decided to check off the 2nd item on the list – paint pot on front porch and make a rolling platform. My front porch decor is seriously lacking, and I feel like it’s time to step up my game since our house looks like the “Scrooge” house on the block.

Before | Queen of Everything

I had to work quickly, because, well, it’s COLD here in Texas. We’re not used to this! I wiped off the pot and got all of the grass and dirt off of the bottom of it, and then waited for it to dry. 

One coat | Queen of Everything

2 coats of Rustoleum 2x Key Lime spray paint later, and it looks like a totally different pot! It brightened everything up, which was just what my front porch needed. (Above picture is after the first coat)

Finished pot and wheeled platform | Queen of Everything

I also made a wheeled platform for the pot, since it is so heavy and difficult to move. I used one of the leftover pieces of wood from my lamp, painted with with Rustoleum 2x Dark Gray spray paint, and added 4 wheels onto the bottom. Simple, and took about 15 minutes after the paint dried! 

Closeup of large pot and cart | Queen of Everything

My original plan was to get a huge pot of mums to set in the pot, but they were all gone – I waited too long to buy them. Instead, I picked up a rosemary tree and it looks Christmasy AND smells great. Bonus: I can use it on chicken! If I can manage to keep the rosemary alive, I’ll just keep adding seasonal flowers around it as the seasons change. For now, I’m just going to add some greenery around the rosemary pot. 

Key Lime Pot with Rosemary | Queen of Everything

So, 2 things checked off of my list! I’ll be adding them to the “Your Big Finish” page, and if you have completed any of YOUR projects, you should add yours too. There are many prizes to be had, and I would love for one of my readers to win!


*This article is sponsored by BLACK+DECKER*

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November Heather-Do List (Black+Decker)

Thanks to Black + Decker and their “Your Big Finish” giveaway for sponsoring this post! 

November To-Do List | Queen of Everything

As you can see, I have written out a to-do list consisting of half-finished projects and projects I have put off doing – all in hopes of completing it before Christmas! A couple of these are a little lofty (framing and hanging pegboard? Painting a giant clay pot… when it’s 32 degrees outside?) but dang it, I’m going to try!

Why am I doing this? Black + Decker is sponsoring a contest called “Your Big Finish” to encourage people like me (and you!) to finish up one of their projects – or in my case, FIVE. I’ll talk more about that in a bit. 

So, tonight I went on a fact-finding mission. I’m a planner. I don’t do too many spontaneous things. Of course, my first thought was Target. Duh. 

1. Hang new curtains/buy new rods: About a year ago, a friend made some drapes for me. Six beautiful, gray and white Ikat patterned, blackout lined drapes. Where are they? On hangers in a closet. Why? Because the rods I have in the living room are too lightweight to hold these heavy curtains. Also, it hasn’t been at the top of my list to get finished – until now. I was going to wait until we moved next year (yes, we’re planning to move to Austin at some point next year, depending on employment and a place to live!) but I figured – why not enjoy them now? So yeah, I got to Target, ready to buy some new rods, and realized – whoops – I forgot to measure the window. Since I didn’t want to buy the wrong thing, I settled for taking some pictures! 

Clip Rings | Queen of Everything Mirrored Ball Finial Rod | Queen of Everything

Flat curtain rods | Queen of Everything

Square Finial Rod | Queen of Everything

(I really liked the “Room Darkening” rod because it sits flat against the wall, but I fail to see how a curtain rod can darken a room. I studied that for a while and decided to just like them for their looks!)

2. Paint pot on front porch/make rolling platform: I already know what paint color I’m going to use, and I have all of the materials to make the platform. If the weather cooperates in the next week or so, I can whip that out quickly! PS: The pot is HUGE. It held a somewhat large fiddle leaf fig before.

3. Hang gallery wall (finally!): I keep going back and forth on how big I want to go and what exactly I want to include. Right now I’m leaning towards quotes and drawings rather than photographs of my friends and family, so I need to think about that for a little bit before committing to it. Again, I have all of the things I need for it – I just need to make the final decision on WHAT to put in the frames. Tonight I found a couple of cute items that I would like to add to the collection!

Pursuit of Happiness | Queen of Everything

Burlap Home Sign | Queen of Everything

I love both of these!

4. Hang pegboard in craft room/frame it in: This is the one I’m most scared of and hesitant to do. I have the pegboard, but it is a very large sheet of it and I will need to cut it down. I know that once I get it hung, I will love it and regret not doing it sooner, so I will get this one done for sure! 

5. Paint and refurbish Goodwill lamp/buy new lampshade: A few years ago (I told you I procrastinate), my sister and I were at Goodwill and we both saw this lamp. I won and got to take it home. In my defense, I have TRIED to find a shade that works with it in its current state (white) but the shape of the lamp makes it difficult to find one that looks good. The closest thing I have seen like it is the lamp that Sonya from At Home with the Barkers refurbished – but mine is larger. Looking at her post gives me hope that I, too, can find the perfect shade for my lamp! I know what I want to do with the base of the lamp and have the supplies. 

Thrift Store Lamp Makeover-Gold Spray Paint-Mod Podge | At Home with The Barkers

 (Sonya’s lamp – link)

So, there you have it. I’m going to keep you updated on my progress throughout the next few weeks, and I really am excited about getting these things checked off my list! 

Now, I said I was going to tell you more about the Black + Decker “Your Big Finish” contest! 

BLACK+DECKER has launched a movement to get all the unfinished home projects moving again. Join them for the opportunity to win $10,000 cash and products. Plus, they might put you and your finished project on a billboard right in the middle of Times Square. So while your family may never notice that you finished hanging the crown molding, millions of others will!

For this campaign, there are Weekly Prizes, at approximately $439.91 per prize, and one Grand Prize of $10,000. The Weekly Prizes include one of each of the following:

BLACK+DECKER prize package comprised of one (1) of each of the following:
• BDCDE120C 20V MAX* Lithium Drill/Driver with AutoSense™
• BDEMS600 Mouse Sander
• BDCS40BI 4V MAX* Lithium Pivot Screwdriver
• BDCDCMT120 Matrix 20V MAX* Lithium Drill/Driver
• LCS1020 20V MAX* Chainsaw
• BDCMTRS Matrix Reciprocating Saw Attachment
• BDCMTI Matrix Impact Driver Attachment

To enter, visit the campaign landing page, and enter your First Name, Last Initial, Email, City, State, Phone and upload a photo of yourself and your completed project!

Please note, the contest ends December 28th, 2014.

Also, visit the Finished Project Gallery to browse the other entries and get inspiration for your own projects! 

Go ahead, enter the contest – what could it hurt? You don’t have to have a fancy photo or difficult project – heck, it could be that you finally replaced that loose doorknob or you finally hung up that picture you’ve been meaning to hang up for years! 

Many thanks to BLACK+DECKER for sponsoring today’s story and inspiring me to finish these projects!


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