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Thrift Store Wall Hanging Before & After | Queen of Everything

A couple of months ago, my sister started texting pictures to me from a local thrift store (we do a lot of real time shopping via text message, especially since I work during the day and she stays home with my nephew). She definitely found some random items AND some really good ones. 

Metal Wall Hanging Before | Queen of Everything

This particular wall hanging looked like it may have been from Kirkland’s in a past life. I’m sure it was lovely back then, but it did not fit in with her new decor at all. I convinced her to buy it instead of leaving it there for someone else! At $12, it was a good deal, and she had a place for it in her front hallway. Boom.

I’m really proud of my sister for bringing in some color to her new house. Not everyone is a huge fan of bright colors, and that’s fine, but her new house was screaming for something colorful and happy. She is going with neutral gray walls and using colorful accessories, and it looks great so far! Her latest project has been her front hallway – the things she used in her old house literally do not fit there, so she had to start from scratch. Whitney needed one BIG item for the wall, and found it that fateful day at the thrift store.

Paint Colors | Queen of Everything


I went on a very last minute trip out of town to see my friend Lindsay this past weekend, and wouldn’t you know it? Whitney decided to start knocking out projects without me. The colors were chosen via text message, with approval from myself and Lindsay – and of course, Whitney. She went with a dark charcoal gray, a pretty green color, turquoise, white, and navy blue. (PS: The green is Rustoleum Fern – we have been in love with this particular green color for years and years. Hands down, best spray paint color ever. No lie.)

Primed | Queen of Everything

The first thing she did was prime the lovely piece of artwork. It may not have been a necessary step, but we are big fans of primer just in case. 

Wet Paint | Queen of Everything

Next, she decided which squares were getting which color (and it had to be symmetrical, because it is my sister after all) – not that there’s anything wrong with that, she just has a touch of OCD sometimes. We all do. Lindsay asked how Whitney managed to not get every paint color on every square. Lindsay and I think a lot alike (eerily so), and we both would have done things the difficult way, with painters tape, paper, etc. Nope, Whitney just covered up the other squares with cardboard and moved them as she went. Easy peasy. Oops. Anyway, she painted all of the squares and let it dry for a little while. I’m sure it took all of 2 minutes to dry because we live in Texas and it was ~100 degrees that day. 

Drying on the table | Queen of Everything

She moved it inside and let it finish drying. I think it looks so much better painted in solid colors – it really brings out the details!

Metal Wall Art, Redone | Queen of Everything Here it is on her wall! She has a green/white striped rug underneath it, so it looks really nice and put together now. On the other wall, she spray painted a couple of frames in our favorite Fern color as well. Total project cost was right around $25 and maybe 30 minutes of work – not too bad! 

Do you have “the eye” for thrift store purchases? What is your favorite thing you’ve rescued from a thrift store? I’d love to see it!


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