Things I Saw That I Loved #4

Things I Saw That I Loved Queen of Everything


Did you follow my trip to Round Top with Lindsay on Instagram? If not, you missed out! (Well, the pictures are still there, but you know. Real time shopping and all that jazz.) Turns out, the Round Top area does not have awesome cell service, so we had to improvise and post when we could. Just follow the #werockroundtop hashtag on Instagram and be prepared to see some creepy stuff. Round Top definitely had a theme going, guys, and you’ll figure it out after the first few pictures. I will do a full post about our day soon, I promise. I didn’t post *all* of the pictures to Instagram.

Moving on!

Here are some of the “Things I Saw That I Loved” from this week. (It is looking like this is the “My friends are awesome” edition!) I hope you enjoy my favorite picks of this past week, and maybe find some blogs that YOU will love too. Let me know if you find some new blog loves! (PS: I’ve included links back to the original blog posts, and I’ve also pinned them on Pinterest for you so they are easy to find/repin.)

Raptor Mama's Project Life Planner Pages

Raptor Mama does a LOT of Project Life layouts – and blogs, and makes other crafty stuff too. She ordered some planner pages and tweaked them to make them into what SHE needed. I love it! I am thinking I need a copy for myself. Maybe if I were more organized, this blog would have more posts than it does… I’m really impressed with what she’s done! And jealous of all the fun stuff she gets to do.

Vintage-Saftiplass-Panels | Makely Home


Now y’all. I was so excited to see this post from Makely Home come up. Why? Because I got to HELP make these! Okay, all I did was put some rubbing alcohol on strips of metal and glue those strips of metal to wood… but I still helped. Lindsay’s house was awesome. I loved it. And I love these panels she made. I have no idea how she comes up with everything she comes up with! 

Stenciled Goodnight Moon Art | Ciburbanity


My friend Charlotte from Ciburbanity had a pretty exciting week. She’s a good secret keeper too – know why? She filmed an episode of Flea Market Flip LAST SPRING and didn’t tell anyone until very, very recently. It aired this past Sunday and I’m not gonna spoil it for you… but I want to know what she did with her half of the prize money 🙂 Anyway, this stenciled sign is in her dining room. I love it. 

Gold Dipped Plumage Cabinet | Boxy Colonial


Isn’t this gorgeous? This pretty thing was in the East Coast Creative Blog’s link party for Crafting With The Stars (have you been following that? I’m really good at picking the winning project this time around) and I had to click and comment on it. It just caught my eye and I love how she painted the legs GOLD! Gretchen at Boxy Colonial knows what’s up. 

Green Lady | Windgate Lane


Obviously, I need to go hang out with Bee at Windgate Lane more often so she can teach me her ways. (You may remember her from the very first edition of Things I Saw That I Loved…) She only lives about 45 minutes away! She loves the Rub N Buff as much as I do (oh yeah… I wrote a post about Rub N Buff but shockingly haven’t finished the whole project yet!) and I LOVE the green color she chose. I love bright colors on things that aren’t normally bright colors. Hello, I have two bright orange chests in my craft room. Bee did a beautiful job on this and I’m going to go steal it from her… right now. See ya in a few, Bee!

TGIF, right? Enjoy your weekend (I’m going to the Main Street Arts Festival and to see The Mavericks – best concert ever!) – have fun! Show these bloggers some love, too!


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