We rock Round Top? We rock Round Top!


Hey! Guess what? I’m heading down to Austin tomorrow to spend some time with my blog BFF, Lindsay. Guess what else? She’s putting me to work on a new project. Guess what ELSE? We are going to Round Top on Saturday, bright and freaking early! 

Now, I’ve never been to Round Top, but I’ve heard about it for years. I’m already overwhelmed and I’m not even there yet! I know that there are some strange, strange things there – and I know that there are some really great things there too. We’re going to capture ALL of the funky stuff we see – good and bad – and we want you to follow along with us. 

How, you ask? Well, Instagram, of course! Lindsay had the bright idea to create a hashtag for our adventure – #werockroundtop. You can search for that phrase on Instagram and it will pull up all of our pictures from Saturday!

Links for the lazy (like me): Lindsay @ Makely and Heather @ Queen of Everything

Remember, we won’t be there until Saturday, but we wanted to give you proper warning 🙂

Have a great weekend – we sure will!


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