Things I Saw That I Loved #2

Things I Saw That I Loved Queen of Everything

So, I had big plans to get a post up this week featuring something I had actually MADE, but you know how that goes. I’ve actually been very busy with projects this week – busier than I have been in months – but none of them are quite ready for their closeup yet! Hopefully this week I’ll finish at least one of them, but it’s hard to do when the actual project is at your best friend’s house. She pushes me, so it’s best if we work on things together (together meaning each of us working on our own things, but together, if that makes sense). Depending on her schedule this week, I should be able to get 2 of the projects finished and posted for y’all.

Here are some of the “Things I Saw That I Loved” from this week. I hope you enjoy my favorite picks of this past week, and maybe find some blogs that YOU will love too. Let me know if you find some new blog loves! (PS: Iโ€™ve included links back to the original blog posts, and Iโ€™ve also pinned them on Pinterest for you so they are easy to find/repin.)

Sew Woodsy Glitter Stencil Vase This vase from Sew Woodsy caught my eye because I purchased the exact same Mod Podge stencil a couple of weeks ago and really had no idea what I was going to do with it. I love the way it turned out, and the stencils look so easy to use! It seems like a quick, simple project that even *I* could make time to do. 

Dukes & Duchesses Map Decor for the Gameroom I must admit, the print is what grabbed me at first, but then I fell in love with the pillow that Dukes & Duchesses made for her gameroom. I have everything I need to make that pillow (and if we’re being honest, probably 100 extras, because I hoard craft supplies) so I’m thinking I will need to add this to my project list. This project reminds me of a picture I saw this week: 

I mean, really. I love Colorado, but I would be sad that I lived in a square shaped state.

Cupcakes and Cashmere: Petite Flower and Herb Arrangements

I am a sucker for pretty flowers. I hate spending money on them, but I sure do love looking at them! I saw this little arrangement from Cupcakes and Cashmere and haven’t been able to stop thinking about how much I need to do this since then. SO inexpensive and easy. Why not?

All Things Beautiful: Easter Tree & Devotional

I met Janis of All Things Beautiful last year and love her to pieces. She is honestly one of the nicest, classiest, cutest, and down to earth people I know and I’m so glad I can call her my friend. She loves her some glitter, and every time I see anything with glass glitter, I think of Janis – so I was not surprised to see her make an Easter Devotional Tree complete with glitter eggs. I can’t wait to see her again (hopefully soon, she only lives about 4 hours away!). She has a beautiful house in south Texas that I would LOVE to have. Love you, Janis! Love the glittery eggs too ๐Ÿ™‚

C.R.A.F.T.: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Baby Shower

My friend Jamie is about to have her very first baby, so I’ve been following along with her blog, watching all the preparations she and her husband have been making to get ready for the little baby boy! I first met Jamie at Haven 2012, where we sat next to each other in a Ryobi power tools class. Then she moved to Austin (best city in the world) and I saw her again last summer when we had a blogger get-together there! I love everything about this shower that some of her friends put on for her – so simple and so adorable. The paper stars were my favorite! I may have to copy that for myself. Congrats, Jamie! I know he will be adorable and loved and that you will be a great mom!

I hope Iโ€™ve given you some new blogs to read and/or projects/recipes to make! It is always tough to narrow down the things I love, but these won for this week. Have a great week, yโ€™all!



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  1. Katie

    Thanks for sharing my vase, Heather. It really is easy to make and when you wash it you don’t loose all the glitter ๐Ÿ™‚

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